FSA Gassed Damascus? Was it all Fake?

Aangirfan — August 23, 2013

Alleged victims of 'the gas attack in Damascus', not in the foetal position.

“Gas poison victims die in the foetal position, and riger mortis sets in very fast.”

"It is odd that none of the medical personnel are wearing protective clothing, since sarin gas – which activists say was used in the attack – can be transferred from those already afflicted, with deadly effect...

“It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some unscrupulous rebel faction could have launched a so-called ‘false flag’ operation to discredit the regime even further.

“The use of such provocative weapons would make little sense for President Assad.

“His forces have been winning ground in the suburbs of Damascus where the attack took place, so why would he or his commanders resort to using weapons that elicit such international condemnation – and will probably increase support for the rebels?

“What confuses the issue is the presence of 20 UN weapons inspectors, admitted on Sunday by the Syrian government itself. Their job is to investigate claims that chemical weapons have already been used in the conflict…

“The British government … should be careful that words of condemnation uttered after an alleged atrocity do not escalate into rash talk of no-fly zones or greater military involvement.

“Why is everyone leaning over backwards to avoid the conclusion that the most likely perpetrators of this atrocity are the rebels.”

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According to Oxford University’s Marc Almond:

“If Assad’s forces had done this… surely they would have sent in special troops under the cover of the chaos caused by such an attack to occupy the area in order to precisely prevent the kind of films and pictures emerging that have been sent around the world by the opposition.

“This, after all, is the area controlled by the opposition.

“So a further problem arises with the demands Syrian government permit experts to visit the scene.

“Syrian government does not control the scene of the crime, if this crime is being committed.

“It is up to the rebels.

“Yet we see no attempt to press the rebels to cooperate.

“So in fact, it seems to be primarily to embarrass the Syrian government, to say, ‘Why don’t you let the experts go to the scene?’ where the fact is they don’t control the scene and therefore could not guarantee their security or even possibly enable them to enter the area where these attacks are supposed to have taken place.”

Syrian rebels control alleged chemical attack site: Govt can’t grant secure entry

This picture above is supposed to show a victim of ‘the gas attack’ in Damascus.

The picture has also also been used to show a victim of an attack in Egypt.

The picture has also been used to show a victim of an attack in Palestine.

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Leaked emails from a defense conractor refer to a plan, approved by Washington, to carry out a chemical weapons attack on Syria.

Continues ….

Also see: US ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt’: Report

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