Rat Fink Nation; King of the Garbage Heap in the Great Unwashed World

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 22, 2013

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So… Bradley Manning gets 35 years. Here’s a thought; “Military prosecutors said Manning was not a whistle-blower but a traitor. They said Manning knew that enemies of the United States use WikiLeaks as a resource, and they said some of the documents he released wound up in the hands of Al Qaeda.” Let’s look at that charge. First off, Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, at the behest of Israel, in order to create a wack a mole adversary, to be the focus of all the wars they had planned following their commission of the 9/11 treason.. 9/11 was engineered by dual nationals, who were also neo cons. They needed someone to take the heat so they created this Al Qaeda. Bin Laden flat out denied involvement in 9/11.
This is how Israel has managed to accomplish what it has to this point; long time readers of these suites will note that the following is near precisely what the author of these blogs has maintained for years… “The Kabbalah has little to do with the teachings of Moses and is a mixture of secret doctrines of Babylon and Egypt, distorted by the Jews in their own way under the influence of their hatred for Christianity.
Eliphas Levi said that high magic, [was] hidden under the name of Kabbalah, and reported in the hieroglyphics of ancient sacred temples…”
Monsignor Jouin notes that the brothers G. and N. L. Butmir in their works, Freemasonry and the Betrayal of the State and Jews in Masonry, “correctly point out that, despite advances in science, the rabbis and Kabbalists Jews wishing to maintain their power over minds, devoted themselves to the “Kabbalah of the left”, ie to magic, demonology, the evocation of spirits, sorcery, spiritualism, all sorts of sordid excitement, in order to enslave the weak minds that have lost, for one reason or another, the benevolent support of the True Faith. We understand that such studies, far from serving the true God, lead directly to the worship of the occult and devil worship.”
The only variation to this, is Visible has claimed they took these wisdom teachings and magical schematics from The Chaldeans and you will note, or maybe not, that the Chaldean script, or written language was a flame alphabet, most similar to the Hebrew system which is all built around the yod, in various positions. It is also the first word in Tetragrammaton; Yod Heh Vav Heh.
This tells us the state of the power grid in present time. Here, in all it’s profane glory, is your generic bought and sold whore. Here is one more presidential pretender, mouthing the rehearsed treasons that men and women without honor, willingly embrace in the pursuit of a place in the pecking order, on its way up the line to the pecker of temporal profanity. I can’t actually know what it feels like to be under this kind of spell. Your values have to be up for sale and after that it’s only a matter of dickering about the price. I imagine in a way it is like being, “to the manor born”. You get educated-brainwashed in your formative period. You get shaped by the professional hands of the great unwashed world. You are ‘chosen’ yourself, like the way your masters imagine themselves to be but they are only The Rat Fink Kings of the Garbage Heap, however, if a good portion of the world believes that shit is substance, along the lines of a desired comestible, then… it becomes your soup de jour, only it’s not prix fixe or a la carte. There’s a sliding scale for your totem location on the scrotum pole. In some cases they spend their time in a continuous slide, fore and aft, as it were. One might say they get into the rhythm of it. One might say it’s an acquired taste and the key to that is in deceiving your senses. The key is in convincing yourself that it “tastes great and it’s more filling”
Although I get a lot of my information from verified sources in the great unwashed world ‘out there’. I mostly receive what little I know, via internal transmissions and certainly there are internal confirmations and rejections of all external information, gleaned from the great unwashed world. I am not alone in this dynamic, nor is it a novel or new technique. One can, given the knowledge of ‘how to’, duplicate this at any time with the requisite attention and effort deployed.
Of course, something like this is to be expected. It follows then that something like this is the inevitable result. How much longer can humanity live under (much less survive under) the direct threat of this international menace? Can you possibly have an argument that goes contrary to what is already so convincingly evident? This is what comes of the course we have allowed to be set for us. Read it and weep. What do they want? They want what all the rest of them want, more than equal rights, most favored victim status and the impunity to slander and abuse at will, just like those who sit on the boards of directors of every one of those alternative sexual preferences. I can’t be certain he’s a member BUT… Kiok is a Tribe name. Thankfully, some element of the governing apparatus is getting into play. The idea that this was ever allowed in the first place goes back to the stranglehold that ‘certain elements’ have on most of the important structures.
We have to ask ourselves; who runs Der Spiegel? Maybe that is a question that needs to be asked. Yes, that is a question that might well be asked. Then there is that large body of the public that doesn’t ask questions, unless they pertain to some area of self interest.
The news out of Fukushima is very grim, very unsettling, unnerving even. This is only one of the things threatening humanity. I’ve been aware of various threats over past times from some time long ago, it seems now. Meanwhile the world has moved blithefully onward from crisis state to crisis state, from absurd to ridiculous. It continues yet. It continues. It cannot continue for much longer. I keep thinking we are in whatever state of mind we are in. We are in whatever state of being we are in and when the time comes, which may be collective or individual, or some combination thereof, we will know the value of both. Whatever happens with us and whither after we may be bound, is all tied up in our state of mind and our state of being. So it goes.
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