A Palestinian Exposes Egyptian Players

Orchestrated Chaos: Conflict between the Zionist puppet MB and the Zionist puppet Egyptian Military ultimately serves to weaken Egypt and could be a prelude to the gradual disintegration of the modern Egyptian State.
BD is a Sunni Palestinian residing in the Middle East.  He works in financial reporting and analysis.

by BD — (henrymakow.com) August 21, 2013

The current crisis in Egypt appears to be Illuminati orchestrated chaos designed to destabilize and degrade Muslims and the Middle East.
First, both the Egyptian Military and the Muslim Brotherhood are puppets of the Zionist USA.  The Egyptian Military’s record speaks for itself. However, the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) short time in power was characterized by an apparent willingness and even enthusiasm to serve the strategic interests of the Zionist USA & its allies, including the repressive, primitive, backwards and medieval monarchy of Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed Morsi was more effective than ex-dictator Hosni Mubarak in shutting down the smuggling tunnels upon which the impoverished Gaza Strip depends.  He also cut all ties with Syria and called for a ‘Jihad’ in Syria while being cheered on by his fanatical followers. The irony is that Morsi, a so-called Islamist, maintained diplomatic relations with Israel, yet cut them with a fraternal Arab and Muslim majority state!
The MB has been at the front-lines of the manufactured revolution in Syria. It was heavily supported by the little Zionist Gulf State of Qatar – whose Al-Jazeera TV station and puppet Muslim scholar Yusuf Qaradawi have boosted the manufactured Arab Spring revolutions. Qatar, which is one of several Arab states with open diplomatic relations with Israel, hosts a large US airbase on its territory.  In the Syrian War the MB fights on the same side as some of the worst Islamic fanatics and extremists who happen to be funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, an age-old US client state.
There was a concerted media and political effort to propel the MB into positions of power in the Middle East. I believe one of the primary tactical objectives was to escalate the war in Syria and to heavily involve the Islamist puppets. Their followers are motivated by fanaticism and sectarianism These fanatics have simplified the Syrian conflict into one between the oppressed Sunni masses in Syria versus the heretical Alawite sect (and to a lesser extent the Christian and other minorities. I never bought this ignorant simplified narrative and justification of the Syrian war unlike most people around me.


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