It’s time to start talking 9/11

Jim Stone — via Rebel News August 21, 2013

I am going to continue the Fuku updates and clarifications, but when I find a 911 report that is absolutely outstanding, I will link it here and will finalize with some interesting stuff I got ahold of in 2003 regarding building 7, and had posted on a previous web site. For now, you have GOT TO see THIS:
This is a mind blowing essay where via a FOIA request, a blogger got ahold of an abridged 500 page FBI file on the five dancing Israelis, (the classified version is 1,800 pages). You won’t find better than this ANYWHERE.
The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident
Comment #2 goes over how anyone can get their own copies of these documents on a CD from the FBI (for those skeptics who claim this is “disinfo” – as if I have any time to slug this stuff together).  Here is the boilerplate letter I received from the FBI after making the initial request and asking for a fee waiver (my personal info has been whited out).
I’ve saved many the trouble of getting their own documents by posting them on, links are in the notes area.  Article begins here:

Continues with videos, links and photos …

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