Zionist Crook Off To Jail

Our friend in Paris, intrepid Marcel Charbonner, asks:
What do you think about the condemnation to 4 years in prison of Conrad Black ?

Isn’t this good news? Tell us something about that !?

Indeed, the Writ told us not to rejoice at enemy’s downfall. But we were not asked to beweep the crook who got what he richly deserved. In the Pardes, published some years ago, I predicted that a rich philosemite, ie Mammonite who is obsessively fond of Jews, will unavoidably turn a crook. I wrote (and Marcel translated):

“The ideologists of Jewry indignantly deny any connection between the ‘religion’ or ‘ethnicity’ or ‘origins’ of the crooks, and their crooked deeds. This is to be expected – that is what they are paid for. But as a matter of fact, a wealthy crook is devoted to the Jews, whether he is a Jew or not. Enron’s chief financial officer was Andrew Fastow, a Jew. But Kenneth Lay, the Goy top man in the Enron scandal, was equally devoted to the Jewish cause. He and his equally Gentile wife Linda chipped in $850,000 at a fund-raising event last year for the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas, informed the Jerusalem Report[3], and concluded: “in all, Enron was connected with about a third of the $3.5 million raised at the event, which honoured former Texas senator Lloyd Bentsen and Holocaust chronicler Ruth Gruber.”

We see again this uncanny, mind-boggling, closely-knit connection of crooks and – not Jews, but Jewish causes, be it the Holocaust cult or the Zionist cause. Lay and Fastow stole billions of dollars from Jeff the Investor; they stole even more from Bill the Worker while Lea Fastow-Weingarten siphoned their money into tax shelters on the Cayman Islands. But when it came to charity, they did not care for poor Americans, or starving Africans. They gave their tithe to the Jewish cause.

Kenneth Lay is not alone. ‘Sir’ Conrad Black, a Goy media baron, (admittedly married to a Jewish supremacist) is totally devoted to the Jewish and Zionist cause. He owns the Jerusalem Post, an extreme Zionist paper which criticizes Sharon for his lack of fervour. Expectedly, he turned out to be a crook. He stripped the assets of companies he chaired and stole hundreds millions of dollars[4]. But a wealthy man who likes the Jews and spends so much on the Jewish causes is invariably a crook, whether he is a Jew like Fastow or a Goy like Lay.

If the attachment of Jewish criminals to the Jewish cause can be explained by ethnic feelings, what makes the Jewish cause so attractive to the Gentile crooks? This is not only the availability of ‘salvation without repentance’, but an appeal of the Jewish setup to certain non-Jews whom we call ‘Mammonites’; they prefer the somewhat Luciferian paradigm of an outsider, at war with the society, free from the moral constraints imposed by the majority, and yet still chosen by a higher entity. These ‘copycat Jews’ rightly feel that they will prosper in the Jewish-arranged world. That is why they support the Jewish cause and admire the State of Israel, the country of no moral restraints, a wholesale assassin and nature destroyer, black money launderer, mass killer, and a leading exporter of weapons and torture equipment.

Pro-Israel, pro-Jewish politicians are the worst for the people and the best for the crooks. A potential investor in Enron, equipped with this essay, could just check Enron’s contributions to the Holocaust museum and he would know enough to carry his money elsewhere, unless he wants to lose it for tax purposes….

[Even the London Trot Greenstein, totaly devoted to the Jewish cause of fighting antisemitism, i.e. fighting Gilad, Eisen and me, unsurprisingly turned out to be a crook A law of nature?]

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.