The Gay Agenda and the War Against God

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For August 20, 2013

The Independent reports today that schools in the UK are practicing homophobic policy that was outlawed under Tony Blair. A columnist in the same paper refers to the relevant (and detested) ‘Section 28′ saying “…it did lasting damage to adolescents trying to come to terms with their sexuality, because responsible adults were inhibited from telling them that homosexuality is a natural occurrence.

This statement brings us close to the heart of the matter. The idea that the LGBT/Judeo-Masonic lobby want to force on our children is that homosexuals are born not made, that homosexuality is inborn in the individual not a product of early years conditioning.

Just about everybody, it seems to me, is content to accept that homosexuality is natural in the sense that it exists in nature and that the people involved cannot help how they feel. Most will also accept that the condition can be considered to be ‘pre-destined’ inasmuch as the person cannot be blamed for feeling same-sex attraction, given their (un-chosen) experience.

However, the idea that the homosexual tendency is created by nature itself, rather than the human agencies involved, is quite a different matter. Except in the very rarest cases of sexual genetic ambiguity, there is no evidence that any person is ‘born gay’.*

This matters and serious people should not allow this fact to disappear from view, trampled into the mud.

The establishment of such a falsehood in the public mind is a small but significant part of the greater war being waged by our masters…….a WAR AGAINST GOD.

We are living through an age when there is an ongoing attempt to erase the very idea of God from public discourse and our very minds.

Darwinism has nothing useful to say about the creation of life. It is also more than fair to say that the idea that life spontaneously popped out of nowhere….uncaused….is laughable, utterly impossible, as many excellent scientists have demonstrated. Therefore creation requires a creator.

It is rational for us, believing that some kind of awesome divine consciousness created the whole universe (including our own consciousness) to also believe that this creator imbued its creation with something we can call purpose.

This ‘purpose’ inherently implies a God-given moral order. A moral order that exists OBJECTIVELY.


It is this objective moral order that is the enemy of our masters and their political, judicial and media representatives. It threatens their mission to draw all power to themselves.

Let humanity understand, it is the mission of the Judeo-Masonic elite to DISPLACE GOD.

If morality (in the public mind) is rendered subjective, as these powers intend, then men will decide what is right and what is wrong. What is true and what is false. And which men will make these decisions?

Why themselves, of course.

Pulling off the redefinition of the body’s natural sewer as a ‘love canal’ (as Michael Hoffman memorably puts it) after thousands of years of human history that condemned sodomy in the strongest possible terms, tells us just how powerful these forces have become in our time.

It needs to be understood and remembered that the implementation of the Frankfurt-School recommendations, including the promotion of homosexuality and the destruction of traditional marriage is but part of the big picture, the war against creation (and God) itself.

We can see that people are already being punished for merely, referring to ‘God’. We can see that Christ has been displaced on Calvary by ‘The Jewish People’ (Talmudic Judaism’s one and only God). The Protocols and the Masonic supremacists forge ahead with their Satanic plans.

Surely, though, even they can see….




Let us do all we can to ensure we do not join these creatures in the abyss.

So, if you are are gay, do yourself a favour. Stop trying to define reality to serve your own purposes (and damage society at large). Historically, homosexuality was defined as a developmental disorder….

……like all others.

No blame is necessarily attached…..but please…….

the truth…..

…..for once.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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