Blaming the Jews

Rebel of Oz – Ziopedia December 2007

Occasionally I get accused of blaming the Jews for all evil in the world. That’s an exaggeration of course, but I believe indeed that Jews – not THE Jews! – are behind a lot of bad things:

· They collaborated with the Arab conquerors, helping them conquer and rule their medivial empire. No wonder the Arabs treated them well.

· They dominated the slave trade and still dominate today human trafficking and sex slavery.

· They were in fact involved in bloody Passover sacrifices of Christian children as proven by an Israeli History professor in his book ‘Bloody Passover’.

· Jewish bankers financed and thus made possible centuries of wars.

· They created Communism, the biggest theft in world history, and supported the Bolsheviks with billions of dollars in today’s money.

· They created and own the parasitical U.S. Federal Reserve.

· They were behind the Armenian and the Ukrainian genocide.

· They brought Hitler into power to create conditions that will enable the foundation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

· They created the Holocult as a propaganda weapon for the creation and continued existence of their 19th century style social-Darwinist, colonialist entity in Palestine and ethnically cleansed the country.

· They keep depriving the Palestinians of their rights: the right to their land, their right of return, their right to resist the brutal occupation, their right not to be tortured and extra-judicially killed, their right not to have their homes and fields seized to make land for more Jewish settlers and occupation soldiers, their right not to be discriminated against by the government forced upon them, their right not to have their water stolen.

· They are behind most terrorist acts committed for the past 100+ years including 9/11 and 7/7.

· They created the atomic bomb, a weapon clearly directed against civilians.

How much more evil does any one group of people have to commit before we are allowed to call them criminal, evil and societally harmful?

The Jews claim to have first rights on Palestinian land for religious reasons and because of the Holocaust. I think both reasons don’t make sense. I’m more than happy to discuss my views on those issues. Unfortunately my critics rather revert to insults or simply refuse to continue the debate whenever they realise that they are losing the argument.

I don’t ignore – as i’m sometimes accused – the acts of violence committed by the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah. However, they are evils by Israel’s making. Even, if my suspicion was wrong that Hamas and Hezbollah are created and financed by CIA/Mossad to create excuses for more ethnic cleansing and more genocide, Hamas and Hezbollah wouldn’t have any membership, if it wasn’t for the sins of Israel. They are acting in as much legitimate self-defence as the ‘resistance’ against German occupation during WWII.

But why, I’m sometimes asked, do I attack all Jews if I honestly only hate those Jews who do evil. Well, it’s only their skinner-box like reaction that makes them feel that way. If Jews weren’t conditioned – through over 1900 years of Talmudian indoctrination and the horror stories of the Holocult – to blindly jump to the defence of any fellow Jew – no matter how bad their sins – there would be far less reason to suspect that those evil actions had anything to do with their Jewish background. The recent debate on the illegal party donations in Britain is a good example. How do the Jewish media react to those reports? Instead of criticising the donations as criminal acts and blaming the donors for giving Jews a bad name, the majority of Jewish media criticise the reports as being motivated by and causal to more anti-Semitism.

Not every Jew subscribes to Talmudic teachings such as that Gentiles are animals in human form, created by God to serve and enrich Jews, and that the 10 commandments therefor do not apply to them. However, the way Jews have been treating Gentiles throughout history goes to show that there is a prevalent attitude – conscious or not – that Jewish tribal interests are more important than the rights of Gentiles. And I consider the Talmud and – to a lesser extent – the Torah to be the source of this attitude.

The obvious question then is why the Gentiles don’t rebel against the Jews. In fact some of them do. But due to the power Jews are wielding over governments, finance, universities and media, knowledge of Jewish supremacism and Jewish evil is in short supply. The information is available, not just in private conversations, but in books and on the Internet. But how can your search for something that you don’t know that it exists? Most people only find out when it is too late. They are busy getting ahead in their jobs and providing for their loved ones. As a means of coping most of them close their eyes and tell themselves it would be anti-Semitic to do otherwise. The few that do rebel, are silenced very quickly. They get ridiculed, smeared, isolated and even imprisoned.

Maybe things have to get much worse first before they can get better. But maybe by then it’s already far too late. I don’t have all the answer, but one thing I know for sure; if we all wait for someone else to make corrections, nothing will ever be done.

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Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section of the site.


Australian based writer and anti-Zionist media activist