First US Soldier Killed in Iraq Not American

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday 8 April that: “the Guatemalan national anthem rang out Monday as mourners gathered to remember Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, a 28-year-old immigrant who was posthumously awarded U.S. citizenship after he was killed in combat in Iraq.”

Which begs the question: Who or what exactly was Lance Cpl Jose Gutierrez fighting for? His country: Guatemala? Or the United States of America which, as he was not a US citizen but only serving in its armed forces makes him, in effect, a mercenary.

Or was he in fact fighting for something other than the United States of America? Not a country or even an ideal but the New World Order, which employed his services, through the US Marines, to further its power over the globe. Using people without home countries, like Lance Cpl Jose Gutierrez, and armies acting above and beyond the call of national interest, to enforce its will.

This is how the New World Order works. It can be seen in the hordes of asylum seekers moving across the globe. It can be seen in people without roots, without national or sometimes even racial heritage: a motley crowd without homes and nothing to left lose and thus open to the bidding of the money masters. That small group of elitists who virtually own the planet and who use the likes of George Bush and Tony Blair to do they’re dirty work.

For that is all George Bush and Tony Blair really are: front men who owe their positions to a hidden ruling elite, a tiny clique who will ultimately profit from this war.

And profit they will. First the moneylenders provided the money for weapons with which to destroy Iraq. Then, when the fighting is over they will lend money to rebuild the shattered country, just as they did in the former Yugoslavia, and just as in the Balkans the money will be lent in expectation of it being repaid, with interest.

It is in fact a very profitable business, conducted while their puppets Bush and Blair mouth fine sounding phrases about “democracy” and “freedom”. Helped by the media, which the moneylenders largely own and which continues to perpetuate the charade that this war is really about “democracy” and “freedom.”

It is not. It is about the expansion of power of the Anglo-American elite along with their Zionist allies to further the thrall of the moneylenders.

For ultimately the moneylenders would like to turn the whole world into a huge migrant labour camp. Not a concentration camp, mind you, but a refugee centre where they will hand out the goodies to those who tow the line, and deny them to those who won’t. Whilst their security men like Bush and Blair, keep control, at a price, over a motley crowd of homeless humanity.

Nor is it a coincidence that the majority of Britain’s asylum seekers come from three main countries: Iraq, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. The first two have both seen recent military action by the Anglo-American alliance: which in turn helped create the refugee crisis. While the problem of asylum seekers from Zimbabwe only began after Robert Mugabe assumed power. And that only happened after negotations steered by Lord Carrington, a blood relative of the Rothschilds and one of the planets premier banking dynasties, left Zimbabwe’s presidency open to Mugabe.

So what we are looking at is a deliberate policy of global destabilisation: wherein governments are overthrown, despots installed and refugees are sent flooding across the planet all to the benefit of the banking dynasties.

Ultimately though the cost of all this can only be measured in human terms and Gutierrez paid the ultimate price. He is said to have been only 14 when he hitched his way from Guatemala through Mexico to California. Nonetheless he was allowed to stay in the United States under a program meant to help minors. Thereafter he enlisted and enrolled in the US Marines, despite his lack of US citizenship. And now, like hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children dead as a result of UN sanctions, he is yet another who has fallen in the march toward a New World Order.