Mr Apocalypse and the Judgement Face of God

Visible Origami — August 19, 2013

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It’s always good to start off a blog posting with good news and definitely great to close one with the same thing. I include entertaining and uplifting in that same category so… here goes (grin). Following that, I just got my new novel back from the editor, who makes Speedy Gonzalez look like a laggard by comparison. I had never in my wildest dreams expected this kind of speed. Kudos, Dave! Of course, if he gives me permission to post his name I will do so. I never know how comfortable people feel being associated with me (grin). Anyway, it looks like we might well have it out for my birthday, which was always my wish and- regardless- it will be out some time in the next couple of weeks, once the reviewers have given me their read on the book and the ending and once the cover and back cover arrive at my Inbox, we’ll have it up on Amazon, or hopefully somewhere else that prints on demand because Amazon rips off a huge chunk of the money from me and also takes withholding taxes out, even though I pay my taxes in Europe. I don’t quite know what to do about any of that; ideas? The digital copy of the book will be up on the website, as soon as the details for that get ironed out. Failing that we will have it somewhere else. Yahoo!!!
Now I can turn my attention to recording all of those long overdue albums and publishing that collection of Neil Roger’s poetry along with ‘In Memorium’ commentaries, from those wishing to make a personal statement, along with the inclusion of 20 to 30 of the most favorite poems picked by each individual commentator. It had always been my intention to publish this book as an anniversary release (that’s usually how these things are done.) which would mean, if I remember aright, somewhere in the neighborhood of Valentine’s Day, so there is plenty of time to get your portion of the book into my hands. I caught a small whiff of behind the scenes controversy recently and the usual plottings, which makes me laugh more and more as I encounter them. It is nothing short of amazing how these things come to my attention. I should probably give a heads up to all of you out there who are engaged in this. You should be aware that not everyone is who you think they are and are more than willing to tell me what goes on; are even involved and playing along for no other reason than to inform on you. All of my friends are not invisible (grin).
One of the things that never fails to astound me, is the off the cuff, knee jerk reflex, propensity for people to make assessments and pass judgments on things that they were not present for. Earlier this year I was witness to this taking place, simply as a result of an unsupported blog posting, very quickly removed. I didn’t bother to read it or the comments. I’m simply going on what I was told and though I had a host of witnesses and my accuser had none, I was painted as the bad guy. The truly amusing part of it is that while this was ‘not taking place’, a collection of Indians, as a result of the pronouncements of an (allegedly) 300 year old guru, were declaring me an incarnation of deity. You can’t make this sort of thing up. Well, you can but it would sound preposterous. The interesting counterpart to all of this is that I am completely forgiving of the slanders and way over the top exaggerations but not so on the other side, oh no, my precious (grin). The thing is that you pretty much only hear about the presumed bad stuff but you don’t hear about the good stuff like the more than a dozen visits I have received from and made with others, where conditions were not much different than in any other case. Of course, my engagement with certain comestibles was lower but… as anyone being truthful about the matter will tell you, you can hardly notice the effect of any of it on me in the first place (most of the time-grin).
What puzzles me is the sudden appearance of several people who had been in remission but who suddenly sprang to life in a sort of negative carpe diem, almost as if they had been on notice and awaiting it all, like it had been set up in the first place. I know in one situation the individual operates under an alias and is in expatria, indicating all sorts of possibilities. In another instance there is association with morally questionable enterprise. Then there is someone under the influence of a demented Madame Cleo, who gives her questionable marching orders, in order to hang on to a meal ticket. I feel like I can almost see something, tantalizingly close, in a peripheral way but I can’t get a handle on it. It’s elusive. This is all Mr. Apocalypse’s territory and I expect him to take care of it. That’s one of the reasons I remain so optimistic, regardless of what obstacles and stumbling blocks get placed in my way. I know Mr. A. is going to shine a light on all of it in his own time and in his own way. That includes me too and I’m more than comfortable with it, given that it can only lead to vindication for me.
I’m speaking obliquely in this posting and I’ve got my reasons for both speaking about it and the oblique presentation, as it were/was. I get a most definite sensation that things are really going to come steaming round the mountain (when she comes) in the next couple of months, in a very big way. All the signs are there, more than enough signs if you know how to read them. As I have mentioned before, the bad guys are racing against time, racing against Mr. Apocalypse, which is a pretty futile thing to do because Mr. Apocalypse is behind and ahead of everything; what has been, what is and what is yet to come. Mr. Apocalypse is The Judgment Face of God and he’s coming and wearing the Mask of a Thousand Faces; the Hero with a Thousand Faces (according to Joseph Campbell). Joseph Campbell is referred to as an atheist. I suspect many people fall under that heading, who are not specifically so. Many serious thinkers and powerful intellects have an extreme contempt for religion and the ends to which it has been put. The reverse is also true. People’s minds are very complex in terms of the conclusions and perspectives they come to. One thing you see fairly seldom and much more seldom, as time goes by, is an open mind. When we give up our open mind, we become the captive of something. We become the prisoner of something. We become the servant of one or another God of limitation. What we need to understand is that there are no Gods of Limitation. That is not the province of Gods. I’ll leave it to your imagination whose province it is.
Anyway, we might tend to forget that Mr. Apocalypse applies to us all. All of us who share the general space and time frame on this plane, are engaged at some level with the industry of Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is what one might call ‘dual use’. This should be an important factor to all of us, given what one side of that dual use implies. The whole dynamic can be seen in terms of degrees of a wakeup, either quite forgiving and assistive, or quite stern and unforgiving; in terms of the intention of awakening. In other words, you wake up or else you get woke up, period.
One would think that anyone and everyone would be deeply concerned about the actions of a force of such uncompromising and relentless efficiency as Mr. Apocalypse. One would think you would want to be on the good side of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of us are doing our very best to get on Mr. A’s good side, which is why there is such a serious emergence of ‘so called’ truthers but what I mean is, anyone who is gainfully employed in the process of revelation, in some shape or fashion. Since ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery’, it stands to reason that the object of that flattery is more impressed by activities in that direction, as opposed to those who are employed at covering things up and also messing things up. You’d think this whole construct would be seen in terms of basic survival, especially by those who place such a premium value on it, given their low brow awareness of real existence and the endless stretch of it but, for some reason, Low Brow City has something in the air and something in the water that clouds the operative clarity of undimmed vision, with psychosis and neurosis, as well as obsessions and compulsions in vast multiples. These serve to interfere with cognitive function and nothing short of a baseball bat to the forehead, or back of the head, will get the attention of far too many of us these days. Well, the guy with that particular baseball bat is in the on deck circle, warming up at this very moment, which is what I mean when I make reference to the next portion of this year. To be generous, let’s include the whole of the rest of the year as containing, at some point, the sweeping upheavals and irrevocable change I am speaking of.
Ergo, keep a weather eye out. There are some numbers of us perched in the crow’s nest. There are some greater numbers of us not so much perched as shackled. As Mr. Apocalypse is also involved in the business of liberation, after the long hibernation of nightmare sleep, those who have struggled for so long… or come late to the party, are now in line for various promotions in respect of our particular direction. I’ll close with something Christ once said (I think it was Christ). It was part of a parable if I remember correctly, might even have been the prodigal son. Someone was arguing about the treatment the prodigal son was receiving (must have been the good son) when he had never left home and always served the father well. I suggest looking up what the father had to say about it all and how that relates to those who have come late to the party.
I’ll leave you with this.
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