Australian Government charged with Treason

Gabriel Donohoe — Foolscrow August 18, 2013

Kenny, Gilmore, Cowen, and others of their ilk won’t sleep so well in their beds after reading this revelation from New Zealand.
Ireland, like Australia (and most countries in the world), has had its sovereignty secretly  put aside and is now being run by a corporation masquerading as a government. This “IRELAND” corporation is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC and collects money from the Irish people (taxes, duties, fines, fees, etc.) which goes into the pockets of  corporate IRELAND’S anonymous shareholders, the International Banksters.
Isn’t it time now for all decent, long-suffering Irish men and women to take their lead from the courageous Australian litigator, Brian Shaw, and actively bring their politicians to task for their crimes of action & inaction, along with banksters, civil servants, judges, and anyone else who has conspired to deceive and defraud the Irish people.

From Daily News – New Zealand
High ranking members of the Australian Government including Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are facing charges of treason in the Australian Federal Court.
The prosecution was brought against Rudd and Abbott as well as the Australian Electoral Commission by Brian Shaw after the Oath of Allegiance and reference to the British Crown were removed from Australian laws.

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