Pretend you’re an Egyptian when you Loot their Museums

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 18, 2013

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Regular readers here will remember how many times the author has called for things of this nature. It is heartwarming to see the courage, industry and dedication taking place here. This is one of the great weapons of positive revolution. It is desperately needed. The ranks of such noble souls must swell until you can’t turn a corner, can’t walk into an underground parking garage, can’t stop at a stoplight, can’t walk past a police department, or a government building without seeing NOTICE THEREOF.
Speaking of revolutions, Egypt is truly a sticky wicket and… into the mix of it, the Zionist stooge, Bwak! Has introduced one of the nastiest customers seen in awhile, in the personage of this full blown Satanistic psychopath. There are different arguments as to what is actually going on over there. I can’t see as how the people in charge can be only the dredgings of the former dictator Mubarak; not when some of them are calling for doing away with the yearly foreign aid payoff from the U.S.. If you want a densely packed rebuttal of that first link and you have the time and patience (I did not) then there’s this War and Peace rival. In the meantime, the usual criminal cabal is out doing what it did in Iraq and everywhere else, where war and strife provide camouflage for their dastardly deeds. Besides controlling what passes for art these days, by owning over 90% of all of the art galleries, it also makes it possible for them to move stolen antiquities from place to place and also to eliminate historical evidences, which INVARIABLY go counter to the lies they have manufactured, to justify their superimposing themselves over the legitimate people, the actual Semites, the Palestinians, who they have driven from their lands and then changed the names of every Arab town and location by renaming them to match up with their fabricated histories.
Along with the truth that is materializing on walls and freeway overpasses; due to Mr. Apocalypse shaking his stick, tapping the Earth to give up its secrets and swatting various richly deserving people in the ass, there has been the matter of the whistle-blowers and there are also the tales of what happens to whistle-blowers, even when they go through the proper channels. Of course, the government seeks to offset the damage caused by genuine whistle-blowers so, they create their own fabricated personalities like Julian Assange. There can be no question that Assange is a phony because out of the reams and reams of Wikileaks evidence you just don’t come across anything critical of Israel and were what he provides true, the majority of all of his information would concern Israel. You can argue that, “Oh, it’s the Crass Zio-Media, they don’t publish what darling Julian gives them”. Uh huh… and the vast territory of the Internet isn’t available to him? Meanwhile they come up with these absurd tales about not using condoms. I’m guessing this simply means to legitimize him by appearing to make him an outlaw; how romantic! There’s seriously questionable angles to both Assange and Snowden; nothing ever appears concerning Israel or Israel’s role in committing the 9/11 atrocities. I don’t know about Snowden yet but Assange is no doubt in my mind. Here’s more information and allusions than you probably want. You got to have your litmus tests when it comes to information leaks having to do with the government. No insider; one privy to house secrets, is to be trusted who does not finger Israel for any number of their massive and multiple offenses against anyone they feel like going after. If it doesn’t indict and expose Israel, it’s compromised. Period!
Let me return to the question of Alex Jones and the pilot fish that swim in his wake and skim the ambergris in his passage, lining their pockets with the swag that comes from maintaining the appearance of being a sterling representative of the people’s interest. Anonymous tells me that I should cut Alex some slack because Alex wakes people up. Alex also inflames people and pushes various paranoia campaigns and is a bloated self aggrandizing, cartoon caricature, who is provably on the Zionista tit. The amount of info that discredits Alex Jones is overwhelming. You couldn’t read it all in months. Alex Jones and his pilot fish are making wheelbarrows full of money telling half truths. Half truths are a blind. If what you are waking people up to is not the complete and unvarnished truth then you are not waking them up, you are merely changing the coloration of their dream.
Now the Crass Media is creating their own condom caper for Jones. I’m past tired of all the tired stage magicians who are manipulating perceptions with smoke and mirrors. I’m tired of them raking in all that cash on the backs of human gullibility. Until it’s front row and center that people like Jones, Chomsky and Greg Palast, among others, are actually employed by the people bringing you the police state you now live in, it has to be said over and over and over. Chomsky is such a slithering dissembling liar. It’s hard to imagine that he could be so blatant in his disdain for the truth. It’s all too obvious who he works for. Here’s all you could possibly want to know about Greg Palast on the matter, including what others think about it and a response from Dr. Steven Jones as well.
The reason I have my litmus tests, is in order to separate those who are with the light and those who serve the darkness. Some would like to tell me, “Oh, so and so is not in the darkness, he’s sitting in the shade and look, there’s a patch of sunlight right there.” Oh, well then, that makes it all right, doesn’t it? The proper definition of Alex Jones is demagogue. There have been plenty of demagogues over the course of this dark and dirty age. They all tell approved portions of the truth. A lie is most effective when it is interwoven with the truth. You get certain info that you can identify as being true and this encourages you to accept other things which you cannot confirm but hey, that other stuff was true so, maybe this is true too.
We all have different standards we have to meet. We all have different criteria we require. Some of us are more lax about these things. Some of us are quite strict. According to our standards, that determines the degree of impurities we will allow into our informational footstuffs. Some of us are satisfied with blatant lies. Some of us are not. Some of us go along to get along. Some of us do not. I do not. I don’t know how much truth there is to this but I’ve been hearing similar things for awhile. It’s fascinating how much of what we have come to believe to be true turns out to be a lie. Like Henry Ford said, “History is bunk”. He knew what was going on and so did Charles Lindbergh and various other people who somehow managed to hang on to their integrity and clarity of vision. They’re in the minority of course. They were in the minority back when and they are in the minority today. Well, the nogoodniks then are still the nogoodniks now. Here’s hoping, sooner rather than later, we run out of nogoodniks somehow.
I don’t choose to be controversial, to operate with so little wiggle room, because I abhor going along to get along. The controversial end of it comes about simply because people are so incredibly complacent on the one hand and in such deep denial on the other. There shouldn’t be anything controversial about truth. It just shows how far off the high road we have gone as a collective. Now the people going the right way and thinking the right way are in the smallest of minorities. The people going the wrong way are in the greater mass by far. Stepping back, stepping back more than a couple of paces, it looks fantastic. It looks surreal. It looks unreal and it is.
I recognize that a lot of people have to cut corners every day, or they have themselves in a situation where others are depending on them and they can be manipulated as a result of that. Most people do not have the autonomy to say what they think in any situation they might find themselves in. I do. Of course there can always be consequences but I am far more concerned about the consequences of not telling it like it is and making myself submissive to that which is not. I am very concerned about living in fear of and giving power to that which surely intends me harm. I am much more fearful of offending that which does not wish me harm and is the source of my sustenance. For some, these are only words, or it is something that speaks to things at a great distance, from the moment we are in. For some, all of this is something vague and off in a great distance; important, surely, but in a far off importance kind of a way… almost as if it weren’t even real after all, important surely but… actually kind of not real too. For me it is very real and very close and it affects everything. It affects how I measure things. It affects what I find important. It affects what I think and say and do and so I do not have the latitude that many another has. Whatever shadows I embrace as being a part of reality, to that extent my reality is darkened by their presence. There’s no magic fixit for this.
If I don’t call out the actual malefactors. If I make concessions so as to be able to still ride the gravy train, my connection and my reception, the clarity of the transmissions, are all compromised and less than what they could be.
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