The Big Squeeze in De De De De Denouement City

Smoking Mirrors — August 17, 2013

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As many a regular reader who comes here might note, I’m real big on fashion (NOT), even though I am not fashionably big so, with my keen eye for haute couture, it was inevitable that I would come across this gem from this svelte literati. Now, I wouldn’t care one way or the other, or call attention to it one way or the other, were it not for tie-ins like this. Once again, it’s political correctness run amok; my favorite comment at this blog is from the ‘disabled fat Jewish lesbian woman’ and there’s the heartwarming saga of ‘the band’ and all that attended it’s presence and departure.. The real reason I bring this up is because of this. An editor from the Tribe Owned, Associated Press, freely admitted they don’t do this and it is most especially exemplified in horrific cases like this. It isn’t being reported on anywhere. This is another Tribe inspired PC blow against human freedom and the right to know. The New Black Panther Party, which I am certain they fund (surreptitiously, like they do most of the groups that demonstrate so called, Anti-Semitic diatribes), put together a demonstration for this misunderstood lady. Collective insanities lead to even greater insanities.
Behind the scenes, some very nasty customers, you know who they are, are working night and day to bring about a race war on the American mainland. Rahm Emmanuel in not mayor of Chicago by accident. You’d be surprised at how quickly a small brush fire can materialize into a massive wildfire and at what speeds it can travel. If conditions are right- actually wrong- social uproars can occur in much the same way. First they have to instigate The Big Squeeze. This they have done by killing the job market and instigating the sea to toxic sea caper of mortgage foreclosures. They are working to get the conditions just right before they toss a match into the gasoline soaked rags. An accelerant is always appreciated.
Of course the laugh out loud absurdity just goes on and on, scaling new and undreamed of heights AND- it goes without saying that Bob Filner is (drum roll) a Tribe member. Does anything venal, genocidal, truly ridiculous, or generally evil go down that they are not a party to anymore? It almost seems as if that is true. Of course, it can’t possibly be but… really, who knows? I am truly surprised that those objecting to the use of the word didn’t simply come out and say it was anti-Semitic; like the term Neo Con, according to (9/11 conspirator) Paul Wolfowitz.
The general American public might well be the dumbest demographic on the planet but a whole lot of the rest of the world is not so stupid. This same thing was deep in the mix of the momentary uprisings in Turkey. Around the world, people are waking up and the not so elite do not like this one bit. That is why they are ceaselessly proactive in fulfilling the worst paranoid fancies, of those once referred to as the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, who now look more like prophets than anything else. It seems that the U.N. and your local and national governments are out to get you after all.
It’s absolute madness on the wing in Zionist Occupied America. They and the Satanists (same thing) are solely behind all of this mischief, under the guise of making sure that equal rights are accorded across the board but it’s not about equal rights, it’s about more than equal rights; for the purpose of creating dissension, which, observably, it does. This is why crime being visited upon ordinary citizens is not being reported on, if it should happen to (as in the majority of cases it does) involve a victim industry minority. The open borders policy of pretty much inviting illegal immigration and opening the larders of support, on all levels, has also to do with setting the stage for serious mayhem to come. If your eyes are open you can clearly see what’s going on. If your sight is clouded by low level desires, or tunnel visioned by fear, or religious mania, you are not seeing what is what. You are seeing what ‘they’ want you to see.
The twisted and noxious state of political correctness is a terrible thing. The degree of off the wall ludicrous, being employed by compromised psychologists is hard to believe, until you come up close on it and study the language being used. Frolicking through the knee deep shit of this culture, a brief photologue of Miley Cyrus, shows you the morphing that takes place at the hands of the industry. The announced fashion mishap never takes place but you definitely see a train wreck going down. I’ve no idea who Amanda Bynes is but the Tavistock/MKUtra shape-shifting is alive and well in the entertainment industry.
I apologize for using Smoking Mirrors, to showcase concerns that are more the province of the Petri Dish but… you do what comes to you at the time it arrives, or I do anyway (grin). You do see how very sick and perverted it is all getting? You do see how sinister it is becoming? Sooner or later we get to Denouement City. ♫De De De De Denounement City♫
There are a lot of ways of looking at this whole progression. You can look at it as the natural outcome of a system that was allegedly based of the rights of the individual, inevitably turning into a tyranny of the haves against the have nots. You can look at it as a scripted play. You can look at it as random and a product of chance, or, you can look at it as it is; most likely the party of the first and second part. As one venomous snake recently stated, “Because of the internet it is much harder to govern. That snake was the present Secretary of State, John Kerry. You remember him as George Bush’s stalking horse and this is his payoff, Now he gets to travel to all of the countries that despise the Zionist owned United States governments and hear what international lepers the American leaders have become.
The same insidious reptile minds are behind every bit of what has been outlined here today. Who, is no longer in question. It could not be more obvious. I am of the belief that a significant portion of the American public is waking up to this, just as the public in various other countries already have. They know this. They can see the snowball coming down the mountain. They know that Mr. Apocalypse formed that snowball and set it in motion. It’s a great big ball of dirty ice headed for a solid brick wall and when it hits, it is going to leave its own kind of calligraphy upon that wall, where it can be read by anyone passing by. It will become a place of pilgrimage. It will contain chapter and verse of all the lies we have been told by Liars Incorporated for so long and financed by the Central Bankers everywhere.
The Central Banks must come down. There is no hope otherwise. Reform is not an option because that word does not exist in their vocabulary. The Central Banks who prosper outside of the law and who are the most extreme and pernicious outlaws on Planet Earth, must be neutralized in every sense of the word and all of the Central Bankers must be put under lock and key, for perpetuity, based on a long litany of crimes against humanity. However, as long as people are so stupid as to fight in their wars and be led around by the nose under the pretense of patriotism, which is nothing more than a indirect fealty to the Central Banks, for just so long this nightmare will continue. Monsanto and Syngenta must be eliminated entirely; I sat in the train station not long ago and suddenly my eyes went up, over the top of the platform shelter for those waiting on trains and what did I see? I saw a big building with Syngenta on it. The E.U. as bone deep corrupt as it is, with the likes of Christine Lagarde has outlawed GMOs. Now the American government is pressuring them to rescind this. You need no further proof that the American government is owned by corporations; from Mr. Heinz 57, who ain’t no linebacker to Harry the mobster Reid, they are purely criminal in nearly all of their intentions on both sides of the aisle.
The Central Banks must come down. The Zionist ‘influence’ must be brought to an abrupt and complete halt without hope of continuance. Hegemony and usury must be made capital crimes. Those who march to their destruction will, as a matter of course, arrive at destruction. What else could one possibly expect? If you buy a plane ticket to L.A. You are not going to wind up in Kansas City, unless you catch another plane or it’s on the route. If you play with fire you could get burned. You will not get wet; unless you are a female pyromaniac (couldn’t resist). Mr. Visible has never gone to bed with an ugly woman but he has woken up with a few. I hope that is politically incorrect. I really do.
Let me say this. As long as there is breath in my body, I will oppose the agendas of fascists and any other agenda that seeks to oppress humanity. I am not alone. I will work tirelessly, until it is accomplished. As Lao Tzu once said, persevere in this “and one day, in all the world, your way will be the rule”. He also said, “How do I know that this can be? Because it could all begin with me.” Guru Bawa once said he was building an army. I understand that better now.
Even a surprising few of us, joined together in common cause, can bring forth serious change upon the face of this beleaguered planet. The benighted public has to awaken or they will learn the meaning of the Burning Bed Syndrome, which follows the Stockholm Syndrome they are presently resident in. Mr Apocalypse is going to see to that. He is going to crank it up and crank it up, until it is a fait accompli. Every one of you who has that certain je ne sais quoi, needs to keep uppermost in your mind that your real job, your real commission, is to carry the light. Don’t go hiding it under a bushel basket, or it may also be hidden from you when you go to look for it.

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