The “Ugly Secret” of World War Two (Encore) — revised from Dec 7, 2007

earl of errol

Jossly Victor Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll. Click to enlarge

What “ugly secret” did this British colonial official know that caused the British secret service to devote 100 people to his murder in 1941?  He knew that Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler both belonged to the same homosexual occult secret society and WW2 was an obscene charade designed to destroy and enslave humanity.

The “Ugly Secret” of World War Two

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — (Revised from Dec. 7, 2007)

Josslyn Victor Hay,  22nd Earl of Erroll, (1901-1941) a senior British colonial (Kenyan) official, knew the real cause of World War Two and had the stature to be heard.
Winston Churchill ordered the Secret Service (Special Operations Executive) to kill him.  What “ugly secret” would make the British go to so much trouble to murder a prominent British colonial politician?
Significantly the conspirators chose the codename “Operation Highland Clearance” for Erroll’s murder. The brutal eviction of Scottish tenants from their farms in the early 1800’s is a fitting symbol for the dispossession of the human race by the New World Order, which the Second World War did so much to advance.
whitemischief.jpeg The popular version of the Nairobi, Kenya murder was depicted in the 1987 movie “White Mischief” starring Charles Dance as Lord Erroll and Greta Scacchi as Diana Broughton.
Erroll’s body was found in the early morning Jan. 24, 1941 kneeling in the front passenger footwell of his car with a bullet wound behind the ear, murdered execution style. Erroll, 40, a widower, was having an affair with a married woman Diana Broughton and had dropped her at her nearby home after midnight.
Suspicion was cast on Diana’s much older husband Sir Henry Broughton, who was tried but acquitted. The movie pins the blame on him and the decadence of the white settlement in general.
The murder would have remained unsolved but for a retired SOE insider who, informed of a terminal disease, gave the information to a colleague Tony Trafford who composed a 100-page memo. Trafford, since deceased, gave it to an author, coincidentally named Errol Trzebinski who was writing The Life and Death of Lord Erroll: The Truth Behind the Happy Valley Murder (2000).
At 6 foot 2″ with chiseled Nordic looks, Lord Erroll was a natural leader, heir to an ancient Scottish lineage, organized and intelligent, an excellent speaker with a photographic memory. A member of the Kenyan colonial legislature, he held the post of Military Secretary with important military and intelligence duties.
SOE “Operation Highland Clearance” involved more than 100 people. In the early stages of the world war, why was it so important for the Churchill government to silence this man?



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