Media in ‘Hate-Crime’ Cover-up?

Introduction — August 17, 2013

Were it not for the Internet we wouldn’t know about this case because beyond local news outlets in the Houston area it is being studiously ignored by all the big national news broadcasters.
Is that because the killer was black and her 12-year-old victim was white?
The contrast between this case and the wall-to-wall media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case is certainly telling; and we can’t help but wonder if the media’s apparent disinterest stems from the racial dynamics involved.
The KHOU report below just relates the bare basics of the accused killers court appearance. If you want to learn more you have to look further because many of those news outlets that initially reported the story have since scrubbed the more graphic reports about Jonathan Fosters’ murder.
Fortunately some independent observers managed to save details from earlier reports, which appear below the KHOU report and it speaks volumes about how the media is now censoring itself. For the KHOU report avoids any hint of the graphic details but as readers will see in the excerpts that follow, Jonathan Fosters’ murder was almost unspeakably cruel.

Opening arguments begin in trial of woman accused of killing 12-year-old boy staff — August 14, 2013

Opening arguments were underway Wednesday in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and killing a 12-year-old Houston boy on Christmas Eve in 2010.

Mona Yvette Nelson was charged with capital murder in the death of Jonathan Foster. Nelson has chosen to be tried by a judge, not a jury. Her attorney said he advised her against it.

Police said the 44-year-old maintenance worker kidnapped and killed Jonathan, then burned his body. Nelson admitted to discarding the boy’s body, but said she did not kill him.

Wednesday was an emotional day in court as Jonathan’s mother took the stand.

Angela Davis fought back tears as she talked about the last time she heard her son’s voice, on Christmas Eve 2010.

Davis was on the stand for nearly two hours.

But the one main question that everyone has been asking was not answered: Why did this happen?

Nearly three years later, in the trial’s opening statements attorneys said there is still no motive for the killing.

“The big question that everybody has in this case is the ‘Why?’”—The motive behind this case and there’s not going to be a motive. You’re not going to hear any evidence of that.  I’m going to tell you the ‘what’ that evidence will prove,” said Assistant District Attorney Connie Spence.

Nelson, a 44-year-old grandmother, was a friend of the woman who leased the apartment where  Jonathon and his mother were staying.

“Mona Nelson had absolutely zero motive to kill Jonathan Foster. They searched and searched and searched for a motive and there’s no reason why she would have killed that boy,” said Nelson’s Attorney Allen Tanner.

Nelson’s attorney asked several questions about the mother’s estranged husband and their rocky relationship, suggesting he would have had a motive.

“He wanted to get her back and he told people at work that Jonathon is the root of all his problems,” he said.

It is not clear who all will be testifying in the trial, or if Nelson will take the stand.

While this is a capital murder case the death penalty is not being considered.  The trial is expected to last a couple of weeks.


Woman Accused of Kidnapping and Killing of 12-Year-Old Houston Boy in 2010 goes on Trial Today

The Shadow — Talk Baltimore Sun August 13, 2013

After a year of Liberals and their MSM ripping their hair out over that “Little Boy” and “Small Black Child” Trayvon Martin and the “White-Hispanic Male” who shot him, this is the horrific torture murder of an actual little boy and small child, 12 year old white boy, Jonathan Foster (see details below) a couple of years ago, who was slowly tortured and burned to death by a black woman with a welding torch.
At the time Nancy Grace of CNN started to carry the story. She cried with anger and outrage as every new horrible detail unfolded. But, as soon as the evidence hinted that it was a Liberal Protected Minority suspected of the gruesome crime, Nancy Grace immediately dropped the story like a bag of wet cement, as if it never happened.
The women accused and in jail for the crime, Mona Yvette Nelson, sought and accepted legal help and counseling from the local leader of the New Black Panther Party. Yet, despite the horrific nature of this crime, despite the torture and over kill, despite it being interracial, and despite the Black Panther connection, NEVER did the media EVER once question if this was a hate crime.
Excerpts from a local TV news media article at the time that I saved and no longer exists. It describes details of the crime that the media now apparently want to keep from the public:

Police Believe Child Was Killed With Welding Torch

HOUSTON –Homicide investigators said a welding torch is the likely weapon used in 12-year-old Jonathan Foster’s death, Local 2 Investigates reported Friday. “We’re talking crematorium-type of hot,” said one Houston Police Department Homicide Squad officer assigned to the investigation. Police said they confiscated a badly burned section of carpet from the home of Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, who stands charged with capital murder. She had a welding background and police found welding equipment in her home on Allwood Street in the Fifth Ward area of Northeast Houston. Police said a section of carpet was badly burned and the smell of a human body filled the area around that carpet. DNA tests are being ordered to analyze any bodily fluids.
One investigator assigned to the case said it now appears Foster was killed at that spot in Nelson’s home within hours of being kidnapped from his family’s home near Shepherd Drive and 43rd Street in Northwest Houston. Police say she was acquainted with some members of the boy’s family.
One officer said on Friday that the autopsy has ruled out any trauma on the child’s body. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds, so officers said it now appears the child was killed with a welding torch that could be capable of 6,000-degree flames. “I’ve never seen burns like this,” said one officer who viewed the boy’s body after it was found in a ditch off the Hardy Toll Road on Tuesday. He said that killers often try to cover their tracks by burning the victim’s corpse, but in this boy’s case, the burning was so intense and thorough that many veteran homicide investigators are struggling with the notion of such a grisly and painful way to die.


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