The Big Windup and the Eventual Follow Thru

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 14, 2013

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Why has it always got to be a million (insert title) marching? Why can’t it be 2 million? I think this one needs five million. We’re coming up on the yearly anniversary of that Great Zionist Caper, that big ‘blame the Muslims’ extravaganza, on which the state of Israel, with the cooperation of the office of the Vice President, and a couple of drunken ‘peace out’ signs from the Presidential imposter (usurper), along with the cooperation of Satanic elements in Western intelligence apparati, all together actually committed the 9/11 attacks. Of course, these criminals and the footpads and camp followers (who are always in attendance when there’s carnage to be had) were also involved in the London Tube bombing, the Madrid Train Station bombing, the bombings in Bali and the Mumbai massacre. You name it, they were probably behind it and that includes all the car bombings in Iraq, destroying Libya and trying to destroy Syria and eventually, yes eventually, trying to destroy you and I.
Just as it is the case when attempting to treat with psychopaths, one must be aware that they are dealing with an alien life form. Psychopaths- and there are a great number among the aforementioned- are not human in the way we understand human. They do not experience human emotion as we do. They learn to mimic human behavior by observation. They do not experience regret or sorrow at anything they do. It would not be that far off base to say that they have no souls. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot change. They cannot be rehabilitated. Your only non terminal option is quarantine. There is the clinical side to understanding psychopathy and there is the intuitive. I’m aware of the former but I rely on the latter. A good part of why I have inexplicably acted out on occasion myself, is for the sole purpose of testing and vetting the company I find myself in. Any argument to the contrary would have to be backed up with similar behavior in my home sphere and by accounts from the more than 90% ‘others’ who have visited me and those who live with me. Their accounts testify that this behavior doesn’t exist here, or during those times of extended presence over the long haul. This won’t be a satisfactory explanation for those who have no intention of being convinced, since they were outed already, as those who are incapable of positive change.
This is why I recommended certain books, so that those who have not been a party to the strange events that occur in Mr. Visible’s Neighborhood might understand certain features of the basic impetus. It’s why I have brought up Vimalananda. There is the ordinary way that ordinary people go about the business of seeking to communicate with the invisible, or following the temporal restrictions, purported to have been laid down by one or another of the founders and which are disseminated to the public by a priest class of pederasts, or any number of other pretenders, for whom the acquisition of money and power are their prime motivators and then there is that small minority of us that are after the thing itself. Most of us can be quite strange and neither money nor power are our motivator or objective. Everyone is free to make up their mind about what’s real and what is not. My position is that we shall see. We shall see up the road what is what. Everyone and everything is identified by the sum of it’s course.
There are Tribe member and there are Tribe members and you can make up your own mind about what good has been done or not done in every specific case. I choose to be expansive in the general sense concerning this subject, having encountered exceptions. I have met exceptions of every kind and type from every class and race and it may be that I was put into the situations I was put into for that very reason. I have no desire to argue with anyone about whether the whole race is uniformly dark and damned, or merely riddled with what you find in most groups (though possibly not as dense as) during this time of the Kali Yuga. I can always adjust my position and perspective later on. I would rather adjust it from where I am than backwards from where I wish I hadn’t been, if you catch my drift.
I do not like having to reiterate certain things over and over but apparently it needs be said seasonally or something (grin). It amazes me how many times some things have to be said before they register on some people. Sometimes nothing will register because certain elements don’t like the source. They want the source to dress a certain way, act a certain way and whatever the requirements might be; dressed in Dockers, dressed in Land’s End or Banana Republic, people have their necessary specifications and you have to meet them or… well, I guess you get the picture.
So, Mr Apocalypse is bee-bopping down the bouleevaaaard and, I must say… I don’t know how much is true but there is just one thing after another popping up in the windshield. I’m thinking Bwak! and Michele could get together with Bill and Hillary and do a quartet version of Ebony and Ivory. I’ve been hearing for years now about the imminent crash of the American economy. I keep hearing about Europe going down the drain. You certainly wouldn’t know that from observing my neck of the woods (doing a drive by). I keep hearing how gold and silver are going to jump to astronomical levels and they continue to go down. I can see where this serves the purpose of those seeking to corral these items and then make the profit themselves when their actual value gets restored. On and on it goes.
I’ll admit, in the meantime they systematically destroyed Iraq and have also kicked the shit out of the Afghan landscape, ruined all the fine things that made Libya the jewel of Africa and are busy trying to destroy Syria. The usual base economic agendas apply in this case and all cases and the primary driving engine behind all of them has been and is Israel and the ultimate goal, besides the total enslavement of the world’s remaining population (after whatever culling they have in mind takes place) is Iran as a gateway to the containment and or elimination of China and Russia. What we are talking about here are psychopaths. They won’t stop until they are stopped. There are any number of ways that can happen but happen it will. It has always happened and it is especially going to happen this time because we are in The Big Windup. Everybody showed up for it, which explains the mass of the population. Most everyone forgot the point of showing up, which explains the state of the culture worldwide.
But… there is that consideration of all of what we have been hearing for years and years and years. Certainly, as I said, they’ve fucked up a lot of the landscape. They’ve poisoned the environment in a grand way; Fukushima alone might doom a good portion of the Western Hemisphere. They’ve turned American and the UK into a police state zone; no surprise that the power of the Zio-Ogre is greater there than most other places. Yes, they’ve done a lot of damage and they’ve set a lot of nasty venues into operation but the day to day, is still the day to day, in most places and the economy is still the economy in most places, except in the ruined lives of a few million here and there, who are sort of out of sight and out of mind these days …and in the minds of some tens of millions who are gradually beginning to notice that the social class they used to belong to has somehow slipped down a couple of rungs because a small group of bankers and corporation-bots and those who assist the facilitation of their intent, have begun to squeeze every last drop of profit from every operation and transaction going down. The stock market is now no more than a rigged roulette wheel and the particular madness that has possessed them and… everyone else, who is losing their minds, in these times, is ramping up in intensity and headed for the breakdown lane sooner, rather than later (you would think) …but still it goes on and on and on and that is probably the point of today’s posting. Something’s got to give at some point.
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