Hell’s Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor

Smoking Mirrors — August 13, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet and your noble heart free of all regret. May you walk like the Sun and reflect like the Moon. May the spirit within you carry a tune.

You got to love that Mr. Apocalypse, he kicks ass and takes names. Because he is working beneath the radar of the controlled media; these days, the comments that follow an article are more telling than the article itself. What this should tell you is that there is a large groundswell taking place across the planet. It’s intent is to rid us of ‘the influence’ of a profane and perverted agenda (shades of Ahmadinejad).

While the human race blithefully engages in pouce frottage, with their cellphones and ipads, chowing down on burgers, sausages (you want flies with that?) and whatever’s convenient, whatever you can snatch or grab, from the big white box, unless you are walking down the street and eating as you go; that’s elegant and radiates gratitude for the gift of sustenance (not). As I was saying, while the human race is in last place, there are some peculiar things going on. Obviously it has to have something to do with air transport because there is no contact between some of these bodies of water and each other. Then again, I don’t know, do I? No, I do not.

I see the breaking down of the moral climate and the visible corruption of government agencies, along with the slow, tumbling decline of various religious institutions; now they grope for meaning and their hands find their privates, or someone elses. It makes sense. If you consider religion from the Eastern point of view, it comes down to a worship of the esoteric meaning of one’s privates and that’s how you get lingams and yoni touchstones (this is a screamingly funny article and we even get an extended alphabet term; LBGTQ. Do you feel me! Yikes!). You might say that the molesting, religious entities are returning to their roots (grin); why the Aussies call it ‘rooting’. I’m NOT kidding.

During this period of absolutely necessary transition, we can freely observe the reasons for the necessary transition. They won’t stop until the whole world is The Island of Dr. Moreau. There’s no way to approach these people and say, “Uh Buddy? You’re going the wrong way, that way lies madness.” The reason that won’t work is because they have ALREADY gone mad and not in the recommended fashion. This is the same reason you can’t tell global energy executives; media and entertainment moguls, captains of industry, religious figureheads or any of the polyglot conductors and orchestras playing “Hell’s Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor”. This is why things have to play out. Of course, there are many ways for it to play out. It can be egregious, or less than. Whatever the case may be, it will be selective. People are free to quarrel with me on this but I know what I hear from my sources and I trust my sources more than I trust anything else on this Earth, living or dead.

There is a very real war going on that involves ideals, or the lack of them along with words and pictures. There are those who want to Photoshop existence (as at the Boston Marathon bombing), the same way they want to create genetic monsters, the same way they have already Photoshopped history. Even the most respected institutions among the clueless are a part of the effort to misinform. Of course, these institutions have zero respect among those of us who respect ourselves. You can’t respect yourself if you are all hyped up on believing what can’t be true, cause you want it to be, or if you are manipulating social and scientific data, in order to legitimize something as natural; as perfectly exampled by the lady critiquing whatshername at the yoni touchstone link. You can’t respect yourself, if you are canon fodder, for Israeli mercenary actions against those accused of terrorism or connection to terrorist acts when Israel has committed the majority of said terrorist acts. The news is out there. The news is coming out there about every one of their scams; Thank You, Mr. Apocalypse! In time the truth will out that Jesus was not Jewish. He was a Syrian. In time it will come clear that the Bible has been intentionally morphed, to serve the interest of those who hate everything it is supposed to stand for, so far as the New Testament goes.

The power that they have, to engage in their centuries old practice of evil, comes from a specific modality. I’ll tell you a little tale. Though it is dramatized to an extent and though certain ancillary facts may be slightly different, the overall truth of the situation is, what it is. A long time ago, in more enlightened times; but not that enlightened, a certain wandering tribe of canny misfits, stole certain valuable occult informations from oh… let’s say The Chaldeans, for the sake of argument (that is, if you wish to argue). This system operated for the purpose of communicating with the highest order, resident in The Devic Realm. The group of misfits I am talking about didn’t have any interest in going that route but…they had a big interest in communicating with the infernal realms. Some of their high priests already knew about the coming age of darkness and those conditions suited them just fine. They were, ‘down with that’. So it was, that they took this system and reversed it, in order to get all touchy feely with Old Scratch (you got an itch?). See, this system works both ways. I guess you would call this ‘reverse engineering’. I’m going to hand out a few free tips (as if I haven’t already) along the lines of maybe you’d like to consider the implications of Jacob’s ladder. Just like the coat of many colors, it means something other than what it seems to mean. Many of the tales in that strange book mean something other than what they say. As has been stated in various wisdom teachings, there is one presentation for the gen pop and one for the initiates. Those who are initiates (and some do come around here) know that a large part of the transmissions are internal.

Anyway, this group of scoundrels has made hay in all the places where the sun don’t shine because their methodology comes out of that same location. It accounts for their fecal obsessions, among other things. Most of what puzzles us, has readily available explanations and these can be discovered if… if one is honest with themselves to begin with and… free of the varieties of mundane and transitory fascinations that enslave the majority of the population. Once having achieved these minimum requirements you are good to go because ‘the interpreter’ steps into the vacancy created by the absence of all those thoughts warring in your mind. That war doesn’t have to be going on. A large part of that war is initiated by those operating the reversed Kabala. It makes it possible for them to work their very profitable industries, at the expense of the rest of the population. I’ve no problem indicting a whole race if the case be so. As it so happens it is not. One can say there is a higher percentage of miscreants in that demographic than is generally represented, across the board, in other groups …but that is neither here nor there for the purpose of this posting.

People who come here are free to believe as they wish and to act with autonomy as far as I am concerned, ♫if you love someone, set them free♫ This works in tandem with the maxim (I assume there is one) that you cannot lose what is actually yours. All of our grasping and attachments are pointless but we are manipulated into this endless tug of war, so as to be rendered ineffectual for acting on our own behalf. Just as you need powerful and connected friends on this plane to make things possible for you to accomplish, you need associations in any and every theater of operation to accomplish the same. I’m amazed at the people who go racing off into unknown locations without possessing either a guide or a guidebook. How can you possibly define what you see and encounter? Of course, I originally did the same thing (grin). How would you know if it was friendly or inimical? Camouflage is a big part of this plane of existence. One can correctly assume that it is a big part of other theaters of operation.

As I have already said, in different ways, what is, is concealed within what is not. The propensity of anything to harm you, is directly relative to your fear of it. This is why those who think they are in power, utilize manufactured threats and ratchet up the fear. This negatively impacts on the human mind and emotions. It is as if they have implanted a control module in the human consciousness. This accounts for the epidemic of denial that proliferates ubiquitously but… then there is Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is pulling the wraps off of the dirty doings and the creatures of darkness know they are under the pressure of a timeline that grows closer every day.

I’m wondering if those prostitutes that troll the perimeters of the cemetery, where the priest was advantaging himself of a little plug and play, pay for play, oral gratification, might not be zombie prostitutes, prostitutes of the undead. It’s kind of fitting that it’s taking place in a graveyard. The whole of the Earth is a graveyard and it’s touch and go how many will have to go, when the worst of what a few are doing and the many are permitting, comes down upon them, as it will, as it will, for the purpose of demonstration. As true as it is that no one knows the hour, no one knows the locations either. One can readily presume that densely packed urban environments are definitely going to be Defcon 1. This is why they are surreptitiously herding people into these locations. They do this by eliminating the job opportunities and by making war on small farmers and small businesses.

The extent to which the corrupted and compromised will go has no real limits as best shown in the works of the redoubtable Dave McGowan. I don’t know what’s what, big picture wise. I don’t know if I’m frozen in place, or the economics will turn right so that I can relocate. I am completely dependent on those mysterious workings. I’ve had to accept that. It’s not always easy to be utterly reliant. It takes practice and a certain amount of eerie and spooky moments along the way. This pretty much comes with the territory to weed out the pretenders, day trippers, weekend warriors and fair weather dilettantes; how it is at the moment… over to you.

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