Mr Apocalypse is Lifting Up Oprah’s Skirt

Visible Origami — August 12, 2013

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Change is in the wind. Sometimes we are the beneficiary or victim of personal and irresistible change. Sometimes it is collective change, which is impersonal and irresistible. We’ve got a lot of both of them going on right now. My own personal life is transforming and soon to be in a new and unusual world, should the cosmos approve. The location is fantastic. The people are fantastic. The possibilities are fantastic. It’s a tailor made scenario for me but it does involve a lot of construction work. Fortunately it is all kinds of work I am capable of doing. We’ll see.
I have to stick this in because, as I suspected (my intuition is usually spot on, or so I have learned in the aftermath, many times). Concerning Offal -Eleanor Rigby- Winfrey, she set it up. I am thinking many of the readers also expected this. What makes this a beautiful comeuppance is the obviously sincere response from the bag lady sales clerk. That is a damning commentary. I love the smell of slander and malfeasance burning in the morning!
It is safe to say a lot of very unusual things are happening and depending on your perspective, it can look scary or simply mysterious. Optimism is a possibility but you wouldn’t be able to verify that by appearances, unless your optimism was related to the system crashing. Certainly in these latter days of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette redux, we’ve got a front row seat to excess. Then there are mysteries that chill the soul, given the possibilities of the velocioraptor vermin, who are running amok in their final hours. What happens when “things fall apart, (and) the center cannot hold” is that madness becomes contagious. Priests even begin to be attracted to females. Of course there is the cemetery kink, factor and, for all we know, hidden cameras were taping a Jesuit snuff film for The College of Cardinals; oops! Reality check. That explains it, he’s an Episcopalian. Do they have holy communion in Episcopalian churches? If that’s the case then maybe he was working some kind of Holy Communion angle?
Speaking of madness, the kinds of things happening in law enforcement are proof positive of what Mr. Apocalypse told me in Italy a few years ago. He said that he was going to show up in the midst of these clowns and provoke them into all kinds of crazy behavior and then nail them at it. He was insistent on this and said it over and over again, punctuating it by throwing my body around all over the place. In the interest of full disclosure, I was streaming Lord Ayahuasca at the time and he can be a little gnarly. I don’t recommend him for day trippers, or people with excess baggage that they have trouble letting go of. I should point out that events of an even more intensive nature took place without the assistance of any booster rockets later on in that period.
This is a metaphysical blog and I hope that the reader will be able to perceive the metaphysical contents in this posting. That said, let me get into something here that is a minor nuisance. On the off chance that it’s a language problem, or some cause yet to be determined and not the result of stupidity, intellectual laziness, or smoldering resentment from imagined slights and injuries in the past, that require the anonymous label, so that the sensitive soul can feel they are in a protected space, while they seek to ease their sense of powerlessness, in terms of affecting me, or derailing my efforts which, by now, we have proven, is impossible but, “hope springs eternal.”
In a recent posting, I took a certain very successful web personality to task for his near pornographic slavishness of support and mention, concerning a meme (would that be the correct word?) that has been widely distributed through the public consciousness, which has, indeed, become a felonious offense of the law, in various locations, to cast any aspersions of doubt upon the thing. I have no problem accepting the official version. Even when half the number gets erased from the victim list by the descendants of the victims, I have no problem seeing that there is still the same number of victims left that there were before they removed half of the number. I know better than to believe my lying eyes.
What I say, when confronted with my position on this matter is to say, “Sure, I do not dispute the official tale. However, given that they murdered tens of millions in Russia just previous to that, whatever happened to them was well deserved and they are still in arrears of a considerable amount of deaths to make up for what they owe. Then we have to consider the Armenian holocaust and the Ukrainian holocaust, both of which they were also responsible for. Then there are dozens of other genocides and casual murders which are ongoing with every new day. The reincarnation of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, or Catherine Bathory as you prefer, clearly states what is what, with a certain poisonous DNA that is one of the most preferred canapes that is seated in the crushed ice on Mr. Apocalypse’s buffet table. It’s the centerpiece one might say.
Another thing Mr. Apocalypse told me on the aforementioned day was, “Visible! Can you imagine how ingenious I can be when I choose? You cannot imagine. Can you imagine how diabolically clever I can be in arranging the circumstances that bring all of these creatures to their fitting ends? You cannot. Visible, I am going to be positively ingenious in regard to the subjects under discussion. You may think I am dragging my feet and just letting these fiends run wild without any restraint whatsoever. This is not true. I am biding my time, of course but… I have a very good reason. Visible, I have very good reasons for all of the things I do and do not do. You are in the human spectrum, Visible. This will not always be the case and then you will have a wider lens to perceive through but… at the moment, your perceptions and reasoning capacities are limited to a certain extent, also for a very good reason.
“As you know, I am the director of a most important film. I have my cameras in every human eye. I record everything through the eyes of the performer so, there can be no doubt of what did or did not happen. All of the players have certain limitations, in order to give the drama a kind of unpredictability and make it worth watching. If it were all a slam dunk, no one would pay any attention, not that all that many people are paying attention now (laughter… followed by a nervous trembling electricity rushing up Visible’s spine). Those whom I have chosen to assist me in my work are, regrettably, put through a lot of unpleasant shit but this too… is all for a very good reason. As you well know, it is for the tempering and refinement of the metal. Since, unlike you and everyone else, I don’t vacillate, I am not given to doubt. There are no cocks crowing three times in my backyard. Ergo, I have to bring all of my assistants up to speed and that means bringing them to the point where they can process and bear some portion of what I know. In other words I have to slowly and with great finesse, replace the mortal with the immortal.
“As one of my greater assistants once said, in a concise portrait known for its brevity “Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee.” Keep it in mind, visible. All kinds of people have read this and pondered over it and then gone back to the cycle of appetites. It’s just words for most people. The most incredible things are lying about in plain sight and no one sees them but… sometimes I open someone’s eyes, if they impress me, if they take all the shit I throw at them and keep coming. That’s a game changer, visible. When I know someone is not going to give up, no matter what, they’re home free. They may not know it yet but they are home free.”
Well, there was a lot more. I could fill some number of pages with what I’ve heard and I probably will, given the time and opportunity. For the moment, let’s play it as it lays and be infinitely grateful that we are not Offal Winfrey, or some rich web personality who is in someone’s hip pocket. Partial truth, filtered truth is not truth. You can’t serve two masters and if you are publicly making a show of good works but you are also perpetuating certain things by the request of Satanic forces… well…
I know that not everyone sees things the way that I do but outright lies, geared to serve demonic interests, are not in anyone’s best interests, except those who are the sworn enemy of all of us. People want to tell me that these people wake up more people than I do and so they must be doing good work. The truth is that waking people up and misdirecting them at the same time is not a service. This is what Alex Jones does and others like him and those associated with him too. He selectively and hysterically presents various paranoia inducing scenarios, while purposely avoiding the actual source of the problem. How is this helping? What I need is for someone to tell me how this is helping, when you wake people up only to present them with another incomplete, partial or false picture. It’s known as controlled opposition and I can’t let these things slide and I especially can’t let them slide when I see that I am the only one who called attention to this particular thing, at least this time around.
We are supposed to be an underground army of dedicated souls, striking blows against the empire. That’s our part in the movie. There are all kinds of ways to do this that can be subtle, ingenious and clever. It is not my desire to bang on people as an avocation. I take no pleasure in it and I don’t feel elevated by it but… I would be less than honest. I would be at the same level of dishonest, if I let what I see slide and committed the egregious sin of omission. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. It could be that there is a better way and I am striving to find that better way. I do not doubt, across the extent of time and the river that I will evolve to a point where I no longer recognize the person I am today. For the moment, all I can say is that I am doing the best I can.
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