Illuminati Used Same “Eye Witness” in 9-11 & Boston

by Betsy McGee (Mom Reporter) — ( Aug 11, 2013

In April, after the Boston false flag, I watched a video that was taken from the finish line that is now touted as the “gripping, definitive video” of the bombings.
I realized that the videographer was filming everything BUT the area where the action was, and I wanted to know why… was he just such an amateur and so frightened that he couldn’t get good footage?
A quick investigation revealed that the videographer was the sports producer, a man named Steve Silva.  This, I thought, stunk to high heaven, as a “sports producer” would be someone used to taking video of fast-paced, exciting events…  I knew I was looking at a deliberately jumbled and choppy video, done exactly that way on purpose so that the false flag fakery could be put into place…  I even made a video about it..


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