On the Toxic Fewmet Trail of Offal Winfrey

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 11, 2013

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(Let’s reiterate about the blogs. There are 3 main blogs; One is ‘supposed to be’ metaphysical. One is supposed to be socio-political and this one… this one is supposed to be about cultural things and that would include media, entertainment, celebrities, cultural conditions in flux- or with the flux, as is more likely these days; contamination levels are pretty high at the moment. Speaking of ‘the flux’ and celebrities that embody all the qualities of the flux, as defined in the preceding link, let’s get right into our posting today).
I am sure that there are few readers who are unaware of supreme race war, race baiter queen; Oprah. Two times, she has systematically set up scenarios where she could frame and slander Europeans about color, keeping in mind that there is far less racism in Europe than in America. I live there and I would know. I’m not terribly concerned about the subjects she chose for her orchestrated offenses, given that they are in the business of selling high end, useless garbage, to those with too much money. Here is a telling little anecdotal item from the poisonous scorpions over at (lack of) Entertainment Tonight; as Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight, “I was in Zurich the other day, at a store whose name I will not mention. I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on. But obviously ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is not shown in Zurich.”.
Thank you for that, ‘Offal’. Here is how your quote should have gone, had you been more honest about the whole affair; “I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on to compliment my big fat Oprah ass. But obviously ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is not shown in Zurich.” I realize that that is definitely not a politically correct statement but… I’m not politically correct, am I? The more than 60% of American eaters can be systematically broken down here and also here. My theory is that the processed and fast food businesses, as well as the soft drink manufacturers, are owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies; the medical supply companies, the medical industry and related conglomerates and they all help each other out to feed that wide load, big bottom line. Every time I write about these things, I catch shit but… someone who tells you the truth is much more your friend than those who lie to you and tell you everything is alright; the way the pandemic of pop psychologists and New Age snake oil salesmen do.
These same people own the private prison industry and the music business, that is geared these days to jack people up into behaviors, that will assure their becoming a good financial asset, for the crocodile swine, who strong arm the legislators into making more and more laws that will make it more and more possible to stick more and more people into a prison cell. The culture is now an entropic swamp, steaming and seething with toxins that provide the fodder for all of the death industries, also owned by the same people.
How is it possible that all of these are owned by the same people? Let’s segue into the metaphysical (with apologies to Origami) for a moment. We have been told that ‘it’s all one’ and physicists have also proven this, should you care to track it down. Many of the physicists may be unaware that they have proven this but I am not. Given the timeless veracity of the phrase, “As above so below”, we can assume that the same is the case at the high end as at the low end. Sure, both kingdoms have hierarchies, which confer the illusion that there are many minds at work. One of the characters from the infernal realms is called ‘Legion”. That means, ‘many’ if I remember correctly but… here’s the reality. In both areas there is only one mind at work and it filters down through all of the entities that serve that mind. At the one end, all of the entities know this. At the other end, all of the entities think it’s their own mind. It’s not and… that is how it is that the same people own all of those businesses that inter-depend on each other and why it is that all of those industries make a bundle off of human suffering.
There are those who come here who probably think that I shouldn’t judge others for their intentional and relentless crimes against humanity. Those are the ones who think I should play patty cake with ignorance, stupidity and mendacious enterprise; not call attention to it and put on some white clothes and talk all sweet and sincere, about how these monsters are just misguided and how we should just step aside and not react and let them do whatever they have to do and it will all work out. It does say in the bible, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I tend to say, “Do not judge those who judge just because you are too chicken shit to call a spade a spade”. I also like to say, “Don’t run your mouth about not judging others when you do it all the time anyway yourself”. I got a problem with people who know all the rules and go out of their way to make all the observed infractions, felony worthy offenses.
These days it seems that the whole world of the arts and academia have been hijacked by the Tribe Morlocks, who more or less run all of those industries. Because I read novels, watch movies and used to listen to music, when there was still a reason to, I run across all kinds of nifty propaganda efforts. There’s a writer named James Lee Burke. A long time ago he used to write novels that were worth reading. Over the last decade or more, he’s written some really embarrassing crap. I picked up his latest in an airport bookstore a couple of days ago. It’s called “Feast Day of Fools”. Once I finish it, if I do finish it, I will destroy it so that no one gets this copy of the book from me and I am somehow responsible for that happening. This writer has to be aware that 9/11 was not done by Muslims. He has to know that there is something seriously absurd about the official story but… at various points in this novel he refers to Bin Laden and the Arab attackers. Then he mentions Iranian torturers. Here’s what I think; the Tribe publishers have put all of their writers on notice, telling them that they have to push the official story and stay on target with who America’s enemies are, or bad things will happen to their career. Since most of these writers are vain, self adulating freaks and chickenshit cowards as well, their response is in the affirmative; “Yowsah Boss.”
As you can see, I’m judging again. It makes me sick to my stomach that these so called ‘artists’ can stoop to a level like this but they do. Right at this moment I am watching “White House Down”. What a monumental piece of shit. Practicing Hollywood Satanist, Jamie, Django, Foxx, who is playing Bwak! Obama makes this a bonafide Shit Com. It’s already full of cute exchanges between serious looking hacks and cute crap from whoever it is that plays Michelle. Knowing what I know about these vipers, none of them resemble whoever it is that they are supposed to be doing their cartoon mockups of. It looks like the drama portion is about to start. Yahoo!!! Alright, they just blew up the capitol building!!! I think I like this film (for about 30 seconds). It appears that this is a similar propaganda, faux Bruce Willis, Die Hard drama like Olympus has Fallen. The de rigeuer Tribe child actress is on site, precocious as all get out and annoying as possible. Unfortunately, the right thing will probably not happen in this film; no need to ask me what that is. She’ll be appearing in a Natalie Portman (The Professional) like role in her next film.
It is no longer possible to run across a film these days that doesn’t have a Tribe commercial of some kind in it. You can’t find many novels that don’t have Tribe commercials in them or slanders against Tribe enemies which, taken in it’s realest sense would mean the totality of all of the rest of humanity.
Ah well, so it goes… for the moment.
This site wishes to express its gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his response to the Zionist House of Saud and the Zionist Occupied States of America; also to those few in every land and location who are doing their best to confront, resist and expose those base traitors to humanity wherever and whomever they may be.
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