“Screw the Judge – I Homeschooled My Children”

by Bernard — (henrymakow.com) August 10, 2013

Anytime someone bitches about the schools I immediately suggest they home school their kids.  Most of today’s selfish, spoiled mothers want the “free” babysitter, never mind that the education-empire taxes citizens much more than all other taxes combined.  Talk about paying through the nose to have your kids alienated from you and otherwise mentally, emotionally and spiritually destroyed!
I kept my own kids out of school everywhere I could and  home schooled them when it was a jail-able offense.  An older brother turned me in to the “authorities” and I had to go to court.  My day in court was to have an arrogant Baltimore judge (Jewish) cut off my first word in my defense with his viciously shouted: “There is no reason for your kids not being in school.  If they are not immediately enrolled you go to jail and will be fined $100 every day they are not there.”  That was my “hearing.”  This was in the days when $50 per week was good pay on which to raise your whole family.  Most people earned less.
Screw him.  I moved.  I moved every September and tried to find a rental in the old business section of whatever new town where no damned busy bodies would turn me in again.  That alone was a great geography course for my kids.  Consequently, due to not being in government hell hole prisons as children, they have turned out to be very self-sufficient, two of three raising big families – 8 kids and 6 kids, and those who are already grown and working are very successful.  Everyone of those grandkids was/is home schooled and the great grandkids will be also.  They are happy and socially well rounded people.

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