Racist shop girl said I couldn’t afford a £24,000 handbag, says billionaire Oprah Winfrey

Introduction — August 10, 2013

Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire and one of the most instantly recognisable women on the planet. Her TV talk show is broadcast around the world making her famous wherever it airs.
Except in Switzerland, where her talk show isn’t broadcast.
No surprise therefore that when she was shopping in the Swiss capitol she wasn’t recognised by a sales assistant in an upmarket boutique.
It’s also understandable that she felt a little aggrieved. After all, as a billionaire media celebrity she has probably become accustomed to fawning waiters and shop assistants.
It’s worth asking though, does Oprah feel slighted because she was the victim of “racism”, as she claims? Or because she wasn’t recognised, as the rich media celebrity she is? Especially, when as she explains below, she was “in full Oprah Winfrey gear.”
So is this a case of “genuine racism?” Or simply a result of slighted, celebrity vanity?

Racist shop girl said I couldn’t afford a £24,000 handbag, says billionaire Oprah Winfrey

Allan Hall — Daily Mail August 10, 2013

She is one of the richest and most famous women on the planet.

So when Oprah Winfrey popped in to an upmarket boutique for a new designer handbag she was taken aback when the shop assistant refused to show her a bag.

She said the £24,460 crocodile skin item was ‘too expensive’.

Instead of making a scene, the billionaire TV magnate calmly left the Swiss store.

But she has now hit back at her treatment in a furious interview on US television, claiming she was a victim of ‘racism’.

Miss Winfrey, 59, said: ‘I was in Zurich the other day, in a store whose name I will not mention. I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear.

‘I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals. But obviously The Oprah Winfrey Show is not shown in Zurich.

‘I go into a store and I say to the woman ‘‘Excuse me, could I see the bag right above your head?” and she says to me “No. It’s too expensive.”’ Miss Winfrey asked a second time to see the bag, which was locked in a cabinet to deter shoplifters.

But oblivious to her fame and fortune, the shop assistant allegedly replied: ‘No, no, you don’t want to see that one, you want to see this one because that one will cost too much. You will not be able to afford that.’

It may have been beyond the salaries of ordinary mortals, but  £24,460 is small change to a celebrity worth about £1.8billion.

Miss Winfrey added: ‘I could have had the big blow-up thing and thrown down the black card and all that stuff.


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