Is Ron Paul All That He Seems?

Introductory Update – February 9, 2008

Late last night, Ron Paul conceded his place in the presidential race and did so quoting Trotsky, of all people. If nothing else this only emphasises suspicions outlined in the article below.

A similar ruse has been tried on British voters, when the British National Party, led by a known intelligence asset, campaigned on issues of “patriotism” and “anti-immigration”. As it turned out the BNP did absolutely nothing on those issues but used them to rally support and then lead disaffected voters up a blind alley.

Where it then promptly left them. Thereby neutering any feelings of discontent among voters before they could coalesce into a genuine, popular political movement.

This is how the voting public is now manipulated in the West.

Seems like Ron Paul has just pulled a similar trick on American voters.

Is Ron Paul All That He Seems?

Although completely ignored by the mainstream media, the El Diablo hand sign has become a trademark for success in U.S. politics.

From Dan Quayle and Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, right down to Bush’s wife and daughters, just about every major player in American politics has been caught flaunting the El Diablo salute.

Now one of few U.S. politicians with any apparent semblance integrity has been spotted displaying the same hand signal.

The videos linked below are pretty inconclusive and prove nothing either way. But the photo clearly shows Paul displaying the now infamous hand signal.
Is Ron Paul flaunting the Satanic Salute?
We leave it for readers to decide if Paul is consciously signalling his true allegiance or whether this is just a simple coincidence.

It may be entirely innocent, unlike the Bush family who have been photographed repeatedly and quite brazenly flauntinging the El Diablo salute, as was the case at George W. Bush’s last inauguration.

Ron Paul on the other hand may have simply been waving harmlessly, unaware of the real significance of the exact gesture.

The arguement that the gesture is simply a signal of support for the University of Texas Longhorns is simply a crock. Former Italian leader Belusconi has also been pictured making the gesture, along with other prominent international figures, and we are pretty sure that they are not all Texas Lonhorn supporters.

Admittedly the photo, pulled from an Internet video, is not of the highest quality, so perhaps we should not read too much into it. Nonetheless, the El Diablo hand sign or satanic salute has become a feature of American politics and it’s as well to be aware of it as and when it appears.

So for the time being this web site will reserve judgement on Ron Paul but would suggest readers bear this in mind. For the Illuminati have a history of fielding political candidates who appear to oppose the New World Order but whose real function is to lead opposition to the Illuminati in entirely the wrong direction, thereby neutralising it.

Only time will tell whether Ron Paul is one such.

And to those readers who were offended by this report: we reserve judgement on Ron Paul and the photo but America is in such dire straights politically because its politicians are no longer held to account for their actions. This is precisely why the likes of Bush and Cheney are currently in the White House and things wont change until ordinary Americans hold their leaders to account.

Below, links to videos sent in by a reader:

This video shows Ron Paul flashing it as he comes up to the podium and there is a close up of it.