Compulsory “Education” – Hidden Face of Tyranny

by  Victoria Malcolm Story — ( Aug 9, 2013

(Victoria Malcolm Story is a Toronto mother of three.)
According to John Taylor Gatto, an award winning teacher who quit his job so as ‘to not harm any more children’,when compulsory schooling was introduced in America in the 1850’s, nearly 80% of parents were opposed to it and many backed up their opposition with guns.
(An Underground History of American Education)

The introduction of compulsory schooling (done for children’s ‘own good’) undermined the family unit, or, more correctly, overruled it, by force.
However, through the power of the State, eventually everyone submitted to its ‘authority’ to the point where now, most parents put their children in school completely unthinkingly and often with a sense of relief that someone else is going to carry the burden of ‘educating’ their offspring.  That their impressionable children are ripe pickings for indoctrination by an unethical elite doesn’t occur to most of them because they have been deliberately ‘educated’ to find the very idea laughable that there could be such a wide-ranging, eons-long conspiracy to enslave humanity, they and their children included.
Once in the system, children are forced to comply with the rules and to keep their mouths shut; to fit into the group; to curry favor with authority; to do as they are told and to fill their heads with ideas that often fly in the face of common sense and their parents’ teachings.
They soon learn that any challenge to the authority of teachers and school officials leads to humiliation, punishment and isolation.
Corporal punishment has been eradicated. Shaming does the job equally well, so that most people leave high school with a negative attitude towards learning and try to keep as low a profile as possible around authority.
No wonder people are afraid to stand out from the herd. To submit to outside authority is what they have been trained to do from increasingly earlier ages.


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