The Seriousness of the Crisis: 69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

Introduction — August 8, 2013

Population levels in Britain are currently growing at an unprecedented pace. This is in part because of a baby boom; when the country saw over 800,000 new births in 2012, the highest number recorded since 1972.
However, this growth in population has also been contributed to by a massive influx of immigrants. More than a quarter of the 800,000 plus born in Britain last year had foreign born parents.
This level of immigration isn’t about the importation of much needed skills or labour shortages. This is social engineering on a massive scale although, of course, no one in the corporate media will say as much.
Based on the principle of divide and rule: a society is being created in Britain — as it is around the world through unfettered immigration policies — where individuals don’t owe allegiance to their race or even nation but are only to those who pay them.
The money-makers, or more precisely the bankers are moving to further consolidate their power over humanity at every level. This is another way of achieving that end.

The Seriousness of the Crisis: 69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

Western Spring — August 1, 2013

Nearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are non-white, according to figures published by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE).

The figures, which can be found on the DFE’s website here, or downloaded as a dataset here, show clearly the level of ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Britain’s largest city.

According to the figures, there are 498,445 pupils in total in London, which is divided into “Inner London” and “Outer London” for administrative purposes.

Inner London has a total of 176,920 pupils, of whom 81.3 percent of primary pupils are officially classified as “non-white British” by the DFE. For secondary schools in Inner London, the DFE says that 80.7 percent are “non-white British.”

The suburb of Newham has a 92.4 percent “non-white British” level at primary school level, and the borough with the lowest number of non-whites in primary schools is Hammersmith and Fulham — and there they constitute 73.7 percent of the total.

At secondary school level in Inner London, the picture is much the same. Some 80.7 percent of pupils in secondary schools in Inner London are “non-white British,” with 90 percent of pupils in Newham being the “most” and Hammersmith and Fulham being the “fewest” with 69.7 percent.

Outer London has a slightly larger number of white British pupils, the direct result of white flight from Inner London. Even there, however, the prodigious reproduction and immigration rate from the Third World, has ensured that white British kids are in a minority.

In Outer London, some 62.1 percent of primary school children are “non-white British,” and 58.7 percent of secondary school children are “non-white British.”

These figures mean that in total for all of Greater London, some 67.25 percent of all school pupils are “non-white British.”

For all of England (as opposed to all of Britain) the number of non-white British pupils in primary schools is 27.1 percent, and in secondary schools some 23.4 percent.

These figures mean that, given current immigration and Third World reproduction rates, non-whites will be the majority of the population in Britain aged 21 and under by the year 2030.

After that, it will be less than another two generations and Britain will be almost entirely non-white.

This is no made-up fantasy: it is a very real danger to the very existence of Britain—and because this scenario is also playing itself out in all of Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand—the very existence of western civilization is at stake.

Anyone European heritage person who is aware of this danger, and who does nothing to help stop it, is partaking in the genocide of their own people.


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