Voice of the White House November 26, 2007

“Cheney has developed serious heart problems today. The general feeling is that either he is planning a strategic retreat, is genuinely suffering from pump difficuilties or someone hereabout is trying to snuff him as a Albatross around the neck of the administration and the GOP. Since he has a long history of serious heart problems, it is probably for real. But the interesting thing is that the people I know, both inside and outside of the Monkey Palace, Curious George in the Oval Office with his bananas, is that aside from a few proto-Fascists on the staff (fewer and fewer now) most of us would like nothing better for Dirty Dick to peg out right now and leave his office in rubber bag. Bush would be without a daddy figure and perhaps, probably, the war would be over. Then, Bush would have lost everybody he trusted. The dog has run off and everyone else has scattered for the hills. George only has the useless Condi Rice to bleat to and she is useless, both as a person and as a Secretary of State. Oh, and more on Pakistan from my CIA friend. The General is on his way out and we are kissing ass with possible successors. There are serious stories about missing atomic cores and since no one can do anything about it, our Independent Press is avoiding the subject like the plague.

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