Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents and Big Ones

Smoking Mirrors — August 6, 2013

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It’s a beautiful day outside today; sun shining, birds singing. It’s a perfect day to talk about cold blooded evil. Speaking of Irony and Hypocrisy (which we were not), let’s bring to the fore this interesting bit about Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post Co. What’s most interesting is not Bezos buying the paper and looking, long term to put himself on a par with Rupert ‘the red-nosed’ (Satanist) Murdoch. What’s most interesting, is what one of the members of The Graham Family had to say about the sale and about Bezos, “Jeff Bezos’ proven technology and business genius, his long-term approach and his personal decency, make him a uniquely good new owner for the Post.” Awh… isn’t that special. It is especially special in light of this and this lovely specimen of pure evil. What the heck, just google,’Amazon abuses workers’ and here’s the page(s) you will get.
When you look under the tarps and various concealments, used to hide evil from those who might notice certain long time connections between those who practice it, you see that it just gets denser, darker and… hotter, as well it should. When studying evil, it is important to keep in mind that evil likes to put on a respectable face. This makes it easier for it to engage in the disinfo and brainwashing that are hallmarks of its forte. We’ve long known that Alex Jones is a tool of Central Bankers Enterprise so… it should come as no surprise that his biggest apologist and cheerleader, Mike Adams is also an apologist and cheerleader, for issues dear to the heart of the poisonous vermin, assaulting the masses in this day and age. It should also come as no surprise that the two of these scoundrels are flush, seriously flush with greenbacks. Sincerity and penury often go hand in hand. Hypocrisy and high rolling do too.
The connections spark on the wires like a toxic matrix. Using the Six Degrees of Separation formula, you won’t need anything near six to be able to link Jones and Adams with things like this. After all, if you’re getting money from Rothschild sources and your lawyer is a Rothschild lawyer, how many duck characteristics do you need before you can hear the sound of more than one duck quacking? People are waking up about what’s going on here. If you want to wade through it, here’s all kinds of information about how to spot the nogoodnicks and no nogoodnick list would be complete without Greg Palast. Yeah, Greg is not one of the good guys. There are some who would say that about the authors of both of those last two links. I don’t know about the first one but I am pretty secure in my respect and admiration for the second (grin).
Speaking of people who are cool and doing the hard and difficult work, there’s Dave McGowan. His Programmed to Kill is an impressive work. His most recent extravaganza on the totally phoney Boston Marathon bombing is serious entertainment. He nails the perpetrators in photos and attendant commentary to such a degree… to such a degree that no more need be said. This needs to go viral but those who could bring it to wider attention like Alex Jones, Mike Adams, The Intel Hub, David Icke, are busy with their own forms of commerce. Maybe they are talking about it and promoting it? You’ll need to direct me to that.
Of course, it all gets crazier and crazier and when you mention crazy, you know that shameless self promoter and megalomaniac, Don Imus has to be somewhere in the neighborhood. Why does someone say something like this? Do they have a point? Yes, the point is controversy. That’s the point. Nothing lights up the phone wires like saying Jesus was gay, Even though this was in yesterday’s posting, it really needs to come back again. This is what the Tribe owned music business is generating for your edification and entertainment, along with Kanye West and of course the irrepressible Bloodhound Gang. There doesn’t seem to be much question that that group is taking their playing orders from one Alphabet agency or another. The suave, fashion statement, being made by the celestially inspired Soulja, tells you all you need to know about the heights the culture is reaching in these late hours. Let’s face it, all of these people are being given major face time and large cash influxes because the Tribe wants to promote the concept that stupid is the new intelligent. It’s dumbing down in action and… if you don’t like it you are an Anti-PC criminal, you’re a hater (what a dumbass term). Playa hata, oh yeah, I see the gates of glory opening just up ahead, Hallelujah!!! Speaking of which, uh huh, it’s right there in your face. It’s right there.
As I mentioned in a comment recently and which the majority of you might have missed, since the majority of you don’t go to the comments section, you got to look a little deeper into everything and anything because, you never know what you will find.
If enough people believe in an Anti-Christ, you will get an anti-Christ. If you’re all hung up about the Marduk (Quack! Quack!) you got pages and pages you can read about it. Why not? If enough people want the Dajjal, they will get a Dajjal. If enough people want a Mahdi, they will get a Mahdi or some reasonable facsimile thereof. If enough people want a second coming, they will get one but they might not recognize it, since they didn’t see the first coming to begin with.
Everything is mind born; thought born. Everything comes out of consciousness. Mathematicians have already proven what Invictus junkies are arguing about. The main problem with the human mind, besides the fact that it will be seriously limited for so long as it remains human, is what happens to it when the ego gets it’s hands on it, as it routinely does. The unevolved ego (most egos) likes to fabricate a personal world view. This it does, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t know squat and that most of what it comes up with, is comparable to what it produces when it goes into a squat. It fabricates this world view around the specificness of it’s appetites and ambitions and out of this it gets a personalized reality.
There are very few people walking around, whose realities are free of the manipulations of appetite and ambition. Those who are, know that anyone they meet can hurt them and will hurt them, the moment they get between them and their appetites and ambitions. Therefore they have to develop a a sort of ‘yes dear’ reflex, a ‘whatever you say’ surface deflection system, to keep the hungry hordes at bay. Anyone who’s ever performed on a larger stage, knows that sometimes the crowd looks like something you feel like you should throw raw meat at, instead of music; I’m not kidding.
So, what do you do, when you know it’s all a joke and that everything you see, everywhere you’ve been, or will be on this plane, is passing from your view, even while you look at it, is temporary and terminal and doomed? Everyone you meet is a walking corpse, a short term flower that blooms and fades and then goes to dust. As the Preacher in Ecclesiastes puts it, “Vanity, all is vanity”. This is a hard cold fact. All of these things just mentioned are hard cold facts. You can’t argue against them, as they are demonstrably proven, so… what the fuck are you doing? And… why are you doing it? You can do your own Jaywalk about this and get any number of variants on “Whut? Whut”? Speak into the mic.
Is there any question that people are lying to themselves 24/7? Is there any question of an odious and pandering atmosphere to that link posted, concerning Natural News and its host? Cui Bono in all its forms. Who does it benefit and who benefits me as a result? Does he say to himself, “I do all kinds of good work but in order to live my upscale lifestyle I have to cut deals with the moneychangers”. That kind of thing makes me sick. I would rather starve. I would rather pass my days here in relative obscurity and perpetually living on the edge, knowing that I will always be cared for by mysterious means, than to tell myself that it’s okay to embrace a certain amount of deceit. You just have to conceal it well. You have to keep it out of sight but… you can’t, can you? You can’t
You can eat those canapés and tell yourself it’s caviar instead of shit. You can acquire a taste for it. You can spend your hours in rooms with people like yourself, all of you sold out and bought off and willing to do whatever you have to do, to keep the gravy train coming by your house. Your masters have promised you that they’ll run damage control for you and hey! Most people are so incredibly stupid and most people would do what you are doing anyway so; what’s the big deal? What’s the big deal? This is how it works. You want The Big One! You got to have The Big One! Course you do, course you do.
I guess it all depends on whether you can live with yourself; whether you can sleep at night. I guess it comes down to whether you can resolve these conflicts that cannot be resolved. No one writes about that World War Two event like that, unless someone put a bug in their ear. There’s no rational reason to use it in the context of an argument about baby killers, unless one of those heavyweights from baby killer nation told you to make the comparison.
I’d like to see an uptick in my fortunes; who wouldn’t? But… at what price? Karma will find you one way or another, good karma, bad karma. Karma is definite and absolute and only the miraculous, or powerful grace, can see it bypassed. It could be that virtue is its own reward but surely there is a payoff for everything and one is better served, thinking in terms of service and not in terms of what you can get out of it anyway, by playing at the appearance of it. If you’ve invested iron pyrite, you will get iron pyrite. If you’ve invested tungsten bars, you’ll get tungsten bars. All of this purpose of demonstration is going to take an unfortunate turn through Wall Street and the government offices of the world shortly. The cosmos has all kinds of time and comes out of the school of giving everyone enough rope and enough time. Tick tock, tick tock.
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