Voice of the White House November 23, 2007

“Now we learn, from clandestine filchings from the PDB, that some evil person in Pakistan, probably some of their generals, have made off with cores for atomic weapons from their repositories. What does this mean? The probability of some kind of nuclear accident based on the militancy in the Muslim world. No one, not the useless CIA, the Pentagon or any other U.S. intelligence agency has the slightest idea what happened to the deadly nuclear cores. We know they were stolen and very recently and an attempt made to conceal this. We know that it would be impossible to steal these from the custody of the Pakistani military without top level assistance. What are we going abut it? Nothing but pray a lot. The political situation in Pakistan is at the critical mass point and our response is to pretend everything is wonderful, just like we’re pretending everything is just peachy in Baghdad and that no more bombs are going off in crowded mosques or markets. If you put your head in the sand once too often, you can get a vicious kick in the ass.”

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