200,000 RFID-chipped patrons enjoy slave-training at Zionist-run Lollapalooza in Chi-town

Martin Hill — The Rebel.org Aug 5, 2013

Hundreds of thousands of young and old alternative music fans have lined up and willingly received RFID micro-chipped non-removable wristbands to gain entrance to the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago’s Grant Park, which began Friday August 2nd.

On their website, festival organizers put a positive spin on the RFID tags, explaining “We’re saving paper and saving you the hassle of redeeming a paper ticket for your wristband! All wristbands will be mailed to you either by USPS or transferable UPS.”

Fans were warned that if they remove the wristbands for any portion of the three day event, they are invalidated and can not be re-used. No refunds or replacements are given. The event warns of their “crack security” team and an infamous “trouble” table if any anomalies are noticed in a wristband, which “will be confiscated” if they appear “messed with.”

The Lollapalooza website confirmed the use of RFID:

Wondering If Your Pass Is Real?
All three-day, single day, and VIP Passes to Lollapalooza 2013 are sold-out. All wristbands contain RFID technology and will be authenticated upon entering the gates. Lollapalooza organizers do not condone purchasing passes from secondary markets, and ask fans to beware of purchasing counterfeit wristbands. Passes purchased from any source besides Lollapalooza.com or Front Gate Tickets will not be honored at the gates.


In addition to mandatory RFID tags, the venue announced that everyone’s bags will be searched: “The safety and security of our fans is our top priority. Please be aware that ALL bags will be searched each time attendees enter the festival grounds. This will require more time during the entry process. We ask all attendees to plan ahead to allow extra time entering the festival. For faster entry, Express Lanes at both the North and Main entrances are available for those not carrying a bag.”

The list of prohibited items went a step further, explaining that “Guests and their belongings are subject to search upon entry or re-entry. You can help keep the lines moving quickly by leaving large bags at home.”

Some of the forbidden items included:
– Weapons of Any Kind, including Fireworks or Explosives of Any Kind
– Illegal or Illicit Substances of Any Kind
– Large Backpacks (Framed, Hiking Backpacks, etc.)
– Glass Containers and Metal Aerosol Cans, including Sunscreen in Aerosol Cans.
– Outside Food or Drinks (including Alcohol), except Two Factory-Sealed Water Bottles (up to 1 Liter each)
– Skateboards, Scooters or Personal Motorized Vehicles
– No Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed. No Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.

In addition to the tracker tags and searches, concert-goers were given a laundry list of rules to follow. Organizers warned that they would “refuse admission or to eject any person who fails to comply with the rules of the venue, local, state or federal law or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly, or offensive by Management.” Despite Lollapalooza’s warning that “Persons entering the facility are subject to search for contraband,” Chicago Sun-Times reporter Rummana Hussain wrote that there were “illegal substances lingering in the air” and that concert goers “occasionally offer to buy” beer for underage music fans.

Hussain, along with reporters Tina Sfondeles and Brandon Wall, posted updates on the event for the Chicago Sun-Times throughout the day. Hussain posts on twitter as @rummanahussain, and noted among other things that Trojan Condoms were a prominent advertiser at the venue:

Hussain notes that she is a “Criminal Courts Reporter/Metro Editor at the Chicago Sun-Times; I cover 26th and Cal and am often mistaken for the Spanish interpreter.” She is also apparently a practicing Muslim, mentioning the fact that she is fasting for Ramadan.

Tina Sfondeles noted that unlike past years, Lollapalooza now accepts credit cards at the beer tents and added “I must say the end of the night was kind of dull… Not an overwhelming sense of excitement for either of the headliners.” Brandon Wall noted that for a large part of the day, cellphone service was completely disrupted at the concert for all attendees.

In her 2007 article on “The Hierarchy of the Wristband” at Lollapalooza, Sarah Dahnke of chicagoist.com wrote “Aside from the regular, three-day pass wristband for general concert goers, there are at least nine different levels of VIP-type passes, all with barcodes and able to be scanned on a whim in a very Brave New World way.” RFID Journal published story in 2011 outlining Lollapalooza’s plans to implement RFID.

This youtube video from 2012 shows a concert-goer recieving his RFID-tagged Lollapalooza wristband in the mail. The instruction sheet states that attendees must
8. Scan your wristband at the scanners and wait for security to waive you through the chute.
9. Treat your wristband like cash – lost, stolen and/or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced! (in bold)
10. Don’t remove your wristband until you leave the festival on Sunday

The Lollapalooza ticket FAQ includes a laundry list of wristband rules:

Wristband Policy

All wristbands will be mailed, no tickets or PrintPasses will be available this year.
All sales are FINAL – no refunds and no exchanges.
Only wristbands purchased through Front Gate Tickets are valid. If you purchased from an unauthorized source and/or the ticket is counterfeit, you will not be allowed entry.
Wristbands MUST be worn for entry into the Festival.
Wristbands MUST be worn securely on wrist and cannot be slipped on and off.
Wristbands must be scanned upon exit at the gate in order to re-enter that same day, maximum of 5 ins & outs/day.
Do NOT remove, stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way or you will not be allowed entry.
Subsequent and/or multiple presentations of a counterfeited wristband are VOID and will be seized by Festival security staff.
If your wristband is removed by Festival security/event staff for any reason, it WILL NOT be replaced.
All passholders must pass through security and are subject to bag inspection. Prohibited items will be confiscated by event staff.
The festival takes place rain or shine.

Here are some more of their various rules:

Am I allowed to exit and re-enter Lollapalooza?

Yes, wristbands must be scanned upon exit at the gate in order to re-enter that same day, maximum of 5 ins & outs/day.

There’s a really great deal on Craigslist – should I buy a pass from there?

Every year thousands of our loving fans think that buying a wristband via Craigslist, eBay, or any broker site will save them some cash and allow them to access the festival. Unfortunately, many of these are either already used or are counterfeits. Please don’t make us stop you at the gate and send you to the infamous “trouble” table to examine the wristband, notice that it’s not yours, and turn you away, sobbing down Michigan Avenue. It’s unbecoming and although we’d love to just let you in, you didn’t buy it from us and therefore, we cannot validate your story. If you want 100% confidence that you’ll be cool, visit lollapalooza.com/tickets to purchase your passes every single time. Oftentimes people will try to sell their wristbands to others if they cannot attend a certain day. Unfortunately, the removing of a wristband automatically voids it. Our crack security takes great pain in checking every wristband to assure it has not been removed and replaced. You will be caught and you will be escorted directly from the property. Please do not let them tell you that it’s okay while you fork over $200.00 for three days of music – simply visit lollapalooza.com or call 888.512.SHOW to purchase passes.

Can I mess with my wristband?

DO NOT remove your wristband between days. If wristbands are removed or tampered with whatsoever, they are void and will be confiscated. If wristbands are too loose and look like they can be slipped on and off, they will be confiscated.

Perry Farrell, the front man for the rock band ‘Janes Addiction’ and founder of the Lollapalooza Festival, originally intended to hold this August’s festival in Tel Aviv Israel before that plan was cancelled in January.

Farrell’s real name is Peretz Bernstein, and unbeknownst to most fans, he is an ardent Jewish Zionist. He’s raised money for the Israeli Army and in 2009 Bernstein hosted a “Stand with Israel at Ground Zero” fundraiser with Alan Dershowitz. Billed as “a benefit for victims of terror & A solidarity event for Israel,” the event’s announcement noted that “Larry Silverstein is graciously giving us his gleaming skyscraper for the evening which will be held on the 45th floor.”

Larry Silverstein, readers may recall, was the leaseholder for the World Trade center complex and the infamous “Building 7,” the 47-story building which collapsed on 9/11/01 in classic demolition style, despite the fact that it was not even hit by a plane.

In the PBS documentary “America Rebuilds”, aired September 2002, Silverstein makes the following statement;
“I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.” [More details here , here and here.]

What’s ironic is that Bernstein/Farrell in the past has consorted with a 9/11 truth advocate, happily posing for photos with a man wearing a ‘9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB’ t-shirt, and didn’t bat an eye. Bernstein’s wife also posed for separate pictures featuring the same shirt, which carries what would ordinarily be considered an extremely offensive message to most Zionists.

The man wearing the 9/11 shirt is no stranger to controversy. He’s the one and only Greg Johnson, the guy who called George H.W. Bush a “murderous, Zionist piece of shit” in an epic youtube video shot in a Houston pizza place in 2010. The exchange made international news and the U.S. Secret Service came knocking on Johnson’s door afterwards. At a show featuring Farrell in May 2012, Johnson recorded footage which revealed a shocking mock human sacrifice and vicious baby murder taking place in the background while Farrell performs. A man on stage with what appeared to be pantyhose over his face tortured a realistic looking “baby” to death as the crowd went wild to the music and flashed devil signs. Full details on that can be found in our March 18, 2013 story here:
Jane’s Addiction/Lollapalooza frontman Perry Farrell confronted on Bin Laden, 9/11 by pro-Palestinian 9/11 truther
Grotesque mock baby-murder ritual plays out on stage while Farrell sings.

The Lollapalooza 2013 – Friday Highlights video featured a hideous caricature of a Catholic Bishop on stage, revealing Lollapaloozas’ true nature and dark side.


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