Bernie Farber – Odyssey of a Professional Jew

by Ezra Levant — (Toronto Sun) via Aug 4, 2013

Did you know Canada has committed genocide?
Seriously — like the Holocaust. Canada did that. We’re like Nazis.
According to Bernie Farber, that is.
Farber used to be the boss of the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress.
Back then, the CJC took the position that the Holocaust was a unique event in recent history, the totalitarian attempt to methodically kill every Jew.
The CJC used to object when people, usually politicians desperate for media attention, would casually compare something to the Holocaust or genocide, or call their opponents Nazis.
The rationale was clear: If anything can be a Holocaust, then the actual Holocaust couldn’t have been that bad.
But Farber has broken that rule with a brazenness not often seen outside the freakier fringes of conspiracy theorists.
He has accused Canada of committing genocide against Canadian Indians. Here is a sample of the kookier things he said on the CBC last week:
“(Genocide) is a strong word but it is a word that significantly applies in this matter … sadly, what we have done meets the test of the UN Convention of genocide.
“Killing members of a group, which we have done … deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

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