Twenty missile shells land in Baghdad”s Green-Zone

The Iraqi capital witnessed a strong attack on Thursday with 20 missile shells landing in different parts of the heavyily fortified Green Zone area.

KUNA’s correspondent said he heard at least 20 missile shells land in the area and smoke was seen there, along with the sound of sirens heard as a result of the attack.

The correspondent also added he could not locate the exact location of the firing attack, nor was he able to determine human casualties or material damage.

US military choppers were seen flying over the area, which also coincided with another attack by Al-Qaeda on tribesmen resulting in killing eight men and three Iraqi soldiers, the correspondent added.

Last week, US military spokesman rear Admiral Gregory Smith warned of a surge in attacks by Al-Qaeda on citizens in Baghdad, regardless of the decrease of violence in recent weeks.(end) mhg.mb KUNA 221816 Nov 07NNNN