How I Ran Afoul of Freemasons

by “Tracy Wagner” — ( Aug 2, 2013

Around 1980, I was a young commercial pilot, aircraft salesman and manager.  My goal was to become an Air Canada captain.  I had always striven to be an ethical person. By accident, I discovered illegal activities including the importation of cocaine of which I was inadvertently involved.  I was afraid if I just quit, they would know what I had discovered and my life would be in danger.
I went to the RCMP and was told that the business owner was already under surveillance. The police were looking for “higher ups” in major Canadian cities.
The RCMP suggested I continue working (and continue to invest through my pay) until their investigation was complete and arrests were made.
I continued to work for several months but things got strange. On one occasion, I was threatened with a .38 special thrust into my stomach.
I had become the favorite corporate pilot and had met investors (money laundering) from around the world. I was also introduced to an Italian who was hiding from the police and was involved in the P2 Lodge scandal of that time.
I was told that Freemasonry was just a front for the higher objectives; most Masons had no clue as to these real objectives. These were the New World Order and the rebuilding of Salomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, being built for the coming real messiah.
At that time I thought it all too incredible and believed that whatever the truth, it would be sorted out by the police when they made their arrests.



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