Men Who Take “No” For An Answer

Sexual confidence is like job experience. You need to have it in order to get it.

Some of my male friends are very attractive and eligible yet have trouble finding a mate. The main problem is they lack confidence.

Recently, one friend was shot down because he was “too old.” He is 38 (looks 32) six foot 3, fit, handsome and never married! What is this woman, in her twenties, thinking?

Another friend lamented, “Women have all the power!”

As I suggested recently in my article “The Biggest Mistake Men Make” men must stop worshiping the God of sex and see women instead as a means to an end, (marriage, family.)

Thanks to feminism, young women are spending their critical fertile years in university either learning to fear men or giving their bodies to strangers. They are not getting married and having children, which is what feminism wants. It is as though migratory birds were taught that going south is politically incorrect.

But my sense is that young women have not lost their instincts, and want what they always have wanted: marriage. A concerted approach by a confident man will get through to them.

But first men must rid themselves of the befuddlement that comes from believing in the religion of romantic love.


Romantic love is mostly sexual infatuation. Our neo-pagan era worships the fertile female, not as wife or mother, but as sex toy. Society invests enormous power in these eye catching playthings who are used to control us.

Our world-matrix has been created by a pagan Luciferian sex cult, Cabalistic Freemasonry. (What do you think those obelisks represent?) They in turn are empowered by the Cabalistic central bankers who seek to replace God, and institute their world government dictatorship.

We are already in 1984. Few ideas gain widespread currency unless they are financed and backed by the bankers and their media, government, education monopoly.

Their goal is to substitute their bogus religion of romantic love (with its holy sacrament of sexual intercourse) for real religion which is worship and obedience of God.

Men idealize women because we are looking for ourselves, the God within, our ideal selves, in them. We think women and sex will give us our true Selves. This error is partly due to our Luciferian society telling us women are identical to men. (It stigmatizes gender differences, i.e. heterosexuality, calling them “sexist.”) Thus, Nature is thrown off balance as men seek themselves in pleasing (and becoming) women instead of leading them.

In reality, women are a means to an end, not Goddesses. Men are really in love with their true Selves. God, the principle of their personal development requires Self-transformation and action based on a higher moral principle.

Media-driven romantic love makes us sublimate our love of God. The Lucifer-worshipers don’t want us to fulfill ourselves spiritually or socially. That would interfere with their domination of planet earth and their mental enslavement of mankind.


A woman’s most important quality is her receptivity to YOU, basically her willingness to do what you want. A woman shows love by self-surrender, trust and acquiescence. Naturally you first have to impress her with your charm, power (competence, responsibility etc.) and devotion to her well being.

People these days spend their whole life in courtship when they really want marriage. Marriage is not a permanent hook-up with a hot body. It is a lifelong alliance where two people agree to look after each other. Love develops over time as this commitment is demonstrated in everyday life. Monogamy and fidelity are essential to develop the trust and intimacy we seek.

We don’t permanently love people because they are “hot”. We love people who are devoted and prove it.

My love for my wife took a leap forward when I lost some money on the stock market and she didn’t jump all over me. She knew it happened but didn’t even raise the subject. She showed that I was her first priority and she was there for better and for worse.

I advise younger men to look for women on the basis of 1) receptivity and devotion to YOU and willingness to make YOUR life easier and better. 2) Sex wears off. In a partner, look for life skills, character and intelligence. You also want a woman who has abilities and qualities that you don’t have. You want her to be easy to live with.


A man and a woman are designed to be like the front and back wheels of a wagon. Men, the front wheels, steer. Women, the back wheels, are essential to make the wagon function. Usually the wagon will carry a family. Two people become one, and the child is the manifestation of this union.

Men, when you get a shopping cart that is wonky, do you feel downcast or rejected? No. You put the cart back in the rack and get one that works. There are hundreds there! And you only need /one.

That is how men should look for a mate. It’s not what she wants. It’s what you want. You create the material and spiritual foundations for a life, and you enlist a woman who wants a part in it.

If you think you’ve found the right one, you won’t take “no” for an answer. There’s still room for romance. You will win her heart.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.” ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.