Orcs in the Rafters and Trolls in the Woodpile

Visible Origami — July 31, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
It must be the stress, coupled with fear and uncertainty, as primary players of the moment, in the minds of those who are not solidly rooted enough in anything, to grant them an anchor against the howling winds, inside their minds and… inside their hearts; seemingly all around them …but it is the winds within that count. It is the winds of disturbance, within, that count.
I mention this today because there is a sudden large and noticeable uptick in strange behavior, coming out of nowhere …and generated by nothing I am aware of. One fellow showed up in my email box yesterday, ranting and raving at me, about not doing some kind of internet search for him. He wasn’t real clear. He made some comment about, “sure, you’re busy but you can’t be that busy” and something about having read at the blogs for 7 years and it bestowing certain privileges on him.
Then a gay guy, upset by my not taking his lifestyle choices seriously, decided he would do a segue sideways into a hissy fit that took the shape of reading me my inventory, while failing to get most of the actual items contained there. This was part of a triple pronged assault, each of which attacked with a different slander and none of which are backed up by fact in my existence but… I could see how someone who never met me, might make certain assumptions. The unfortunate thing for those who seek to off balance me, make me insecure, or get to me from one angle or another, is that they really ought to have legitimate ammunition when they come at me, otherwise it just makes me laugh to see how far off base some of these people are. I don’t know if they have some kind of a Hasbara instruction book that lists the general terms (one size fits all) of intended injury, along with various delivery systems that they can employ in the pursuit of intended injury.
These are intentional sorties and have been in the planning stages for some time. The cannibal swine are ramping up the opposition because… because the wind has shifted and Mr. Apocalypse has intensified the pressure on those, whose activities are in the process of being exposed to the eyes of the world. Because of this they are releasing armies of faux human robots, who troll the web in an effort to disrupt the missions and operations of those who are in the employ of Mr. Apocalypse.
It’s true that a great many people can be made very uncomfortable and discommoded by slander and name calling but… for that to have any impact or power on one, the person targeted has to be under the influence of vanity, self importance and attendant liabilities. As Lao Tzu said, “He who feels pricked must have once been a bubble”. When you can free yourself of these forces, drawbacks, shortcomings; call them what you will, nothing anyone says to you means anything, neither the good nor the bad. The good you pass back up the line. The bad reveals to you the weaknesses resident in your assailant and… should they occasionally actually hit on something valid, the sane and unencumbered soul acknowledges whatever it is and takes whatever actions are necessary. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do. We’re all saddled with certain limitations that we have for some period of time, for reasons best known to whatever drives and motivates us. Sometimes we’re the way we are because we have no interest in changing ourselves for the better. Sometimes, no effort we make, changes anything because we are the way we are for (drum-roll) ‘the purpose of demonstration’. There are a few things that I advise anyone so inclined to have branded into their consciousness; should they be inclined to believe these statements to be true in the first place. One of them has already been stated but… let me put all of these things into the framework of a dialogue.
“What is the reason for all of the things that happen and which often make no sense to us? It is for the purpose of demonstration”. Let me call up The Bard himself and quote him, “All the world’s a stage”, we act out according to certain dynamics, within the parameters of our understanding and awareness and we are the lifetime prisoners of what we believe to be real, about ourselves, about others and about all of the elements of life we have so defined, according to our appetites and values in respect of the war that goes on between them.
“What are we supposed to do about all of these terrifying and threatening things that are looming on the horizon, seem to be looming; the phantom thunders that signify a conflagration in the heavens and a storm upon the Earth?” “Everything is under control”. How can everything be under control when everything appears to be out of control? There are all kinds of ways to look at that. One of them is that the more out of balanced things become, the more radical the shifts that are necessary to bring things back into sync, whatever and wherever sync is. It’s been so long since sync has been around. Didn’t he have something to do with the Symbionese Liberation Army? That didn’t work out too well from what I remember.
The last thing that should be branded on the consciousness, will be defined in the following terse dialogue. “How come things happen in the way that they do and make no kind of sense to me”? “Things happen the way they do ‘for a very good reason’. The idea is to accept that phrase, “things happen for a very good reason” as being absolute. I can hear the screeches already flooding the airwaves, when I mention something like ‘an absolute’. I can hear the screeching, when I say that ‘everything is under control’. Heck, I can hear it when I say ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ because people don’t like the demonstration.. The things is, we are expressions of what we believe is true. We tell ourselves that certain things are true but we don’t make a convincing argument. We say we believe something but we don’t, not really. This is an argument that is made by any number of spiritual masters. What is amusing (well, maybe it’s not all that funny) is that we can very easily be convinced into believing our own bullshit. That seems to be one of the easiest activities that a person can engage in. It’s practically effortless.
We are seduced by our own reptile and atavistic mind, into believing all sorts of outrageous and impossible things that ,if we were sane and not a common sidewalk hooker for our appetites, would look as absurd to us as they look to everyone else, who isn’t in on the scam we are running on ourselves but… to get us to believe things that rest on sound and timeless principles, which have been demonstrated in the lives of exceptional men and women, all across the centuries, well, for some reason we don’t seem quite up to the task. We got big problems believing what’s true and deathless. We’re all day suckers for the ephemeral and transitory.
Part of the problem, I think, is that the people informing us about the deathless and true, are among the most boring people on the planet and are also part of a huge disinfo campaign, where the ministers of the established church, shill for the killers of the one upon whom the whole thing was based in the first place, in order to groom the young and clueless, into being canon fodder for the most despicable aggregate of monsters on the planet. They take the teachings of the Prince of Peace and turn them into exhortations for war.
Any halfway intelligent person, knows that these ministers are spinning a fairytale that bears no resemblance to the real thing. So you get a lot of people who call themselves atheists, running around not believing in a God that doesn’t exist and effectively throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I can prove irrefutably in several ways that there is a vast hierarchy which exists in the invisible, beyond the bandwidth of the senses but not beyond the bandwidth of those who control the senses. We have the very least of existence here and the poorest choices of anything and everything compared to what’s available elsewhere and the same exceptional personages I have already mentioned attest to this.
In these times of false prophets, there are all too few, who recognize that you cannot charge money for something that is priceless. If you do, it’s no longer priceless. It’s like that old dialogue between a rich man and a young lady that he is trying to seduce into a sexual encounter. He asks, “Excuse me, would you go to bed with me for a millions dollars”? The lady responds near instantaneously, “Yes, yes I would” “Well, then, would you go to bed with me for a hundred dollars”? Offended, she retorts, “Of course not, what do you think I am”? He replies, “We’ve already established that, now we’re just haggling over the price”. The reason I give out free advertising on my sites (even though I have little to no money- depending on the particular day) and do not charge for what I do, insofar as what I do has to do with the ineffable, is because I know the laws that govern certain things and I am bound and determined to honor them, irregardless of what anyone else may get up to.
Of course it’s okay to charge a nominal fee for speaking engagements but not 250 dollars and up. It’s okay to charge for books because it cost money to print books. Money is okay and a necessary tool. It deserves respect because it has a lot of power and will kick the shit out of you if you are not careful.
In conclusion, whenever people with phantom injuries and imagined slights, get up to seeking to diminish or tarnish me, you should be forewarned that I am extremely capable of doing that on my own and I care not one wit about the opinions of those whose motives I am very much aware of. I only care what my employer thinks and my employer will spark a resonance, or appreciation, in the hearts of those so chosen, just as the reverse will also be generated for those so chosen and the reasons for any and all of this, partial and total, will be revealed at the appropriate time. Have a nice day.
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