Slain Pakistani Jounalist`s Widow Killed

Mehrunnisa, the widow of Pakistani journalist Hyatullah has been killed by a bomb planted outside her house in Harmaz, North Waziristan, Pakistan. Her late husband, Hayatullah, was killed last year after reporting a missile attack on his village, which exposed the lies of the Musharraf regime.

Possibly in an effort to make an example of him, Hayatullah was abducted by unknown armed men and killed after being kept in custody for several months .

Hayatulla’s younger brother, Ehsanullah believe that the intelligence agencies were behind the incident.

On Saturday 17 Nov. 2007 Hayatullah`s home was blown up with a bomb planted outside his widow’s bedroom that went off at dawn while she was asleep with her five orphan children. The children (pictured right) miraculously survived.

On the murder of Hayatullah, the journalist community had said that it was a message sent to the whole community to refrain from criticizing the dictatorship.

Once again Musharraf has come up with the most ruthless plans, which include the immediate imposition of emergency-cum-martial law and a crackdown on the media. Private TV news channels have been closed and those that remain open are required to sign a strict undertaking on what they report. Those news channels that don’t sign stay closed.

Journalists are holding demonstrations regularly criticizing the despotic rule of Musharraf and view the attempt to kill the bereaved family of the slain journalist as yet another warning shot by the regime. After his death Hyatullah’s teenager brother was also killed.

“The same people who had kidnapped and then killed my brother are responsible for the attack,” an aggrieved Ehsanullah said.