The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children of the Father of Lies

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 30, 2013

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We are all aware of certain things. Then we figure, “Okay, got it, moving right along” and we promptly forget what had seemed memorable and important, only a short while ago. We’ve all been warned that Hasbara Whores and Sayanim Sociopaths, are hard at work, disseminating false information and performing inhuman acts, upon the human population, as well as pretending to be someone they’re not and that involves other armies that are employed by corporations or anyone with the money to spend.. Recently, they have ratcheted up their efforts and expanded in numbers, out upon the landscape, like a swarm of mosquitoes. If you have a blog or blogs and you are someone concerned with the truth, you are automatically made an enemy of the Talmudic Children of the Father of Lies. They are the sworn and unnatural enemy of truth. Positive archetypes and the presence of finer qualities like integrity; honor, compassion and various other invaluable possessions, treasured by those who know the true value of them, cause these pit dwelling night feeders to burn in a frenzy of rage. Their teeth gnash against each other. They cry out in pain, at every and any contact that occurs between them and the forces and serving agents of light. They live to do harm. Accept this, see them for what they are and you will be informed and protected in ways that you may not be now.
They are coming after you and I now. With money stolen from other countries, extorted monies, counterfeit monies and many another, deceptively acquired money, they have hired legions of programmed vermin, to attack any and all websites, where any opinion, counter to their own lying propagandas may appear. Here’s an example of what I am talking about that’s generic, meaning it doesn’t directly relate to any of the many, many offenses against humanity that are carried out each day by Israelis, or their agents …but which has to do with policies set in place by them.
How fucked up is the not so human race? Here’s a clear example. Here is a psychopathic mass murderer being celebrated for killing people in wars, orchestrated by Israel, in reaction to the 9/11 attacks that were orchestrated, engineered and carried out by Israel. Gaze upon the wise and compassionate face of this testosterone, overloaded steer, this reject from Jersey Shore, this self satisfied, smug asshole, who is too stupid to beat his kids and chew gum at the same time. He and thousands like him, on their way to beer gut heaven, crowd bar stools and pork rind diners, talking about their Glory Days. Forgive me, I’m not where I should be yet. I’m not beyond certain human, all to human reactions to certain things and… I have to say, it would please me. It would please me greatly to see this thug, this tub of contracted lard, with a big red hole in the center of his forehead. No… it’s worse than that. I’d like to see him strapped down somewhere where no one speaks English and they interrogate him in an unknown tongue, about things he knows nothing about, until he agrees to everything and anything that is asked of him, whether he understands it or not. Goddamn you to Hell, Brandon Webb. Goddamn you to Hell, Bill Briggs. Goddamn you to Hell, Goddamn you to Hell, nation of Israel. Goddamn all and everyone of you …who turn the warm heart cold and terrorize the soul.
I know I should be all new age and warm fuzzy, loving them, one and all. I used to have a girlfriend, who wasn’t a very nice person and… she could talk a good game of that, while being a flaming hypocrite about many another thing. I see me an army of Eckhart Tolle clones, who talk a good slumber inducing game of that kind of thing, as they go out the door with saddlebags full of cash. I get people coming by here who can look right at the avaricious behavior of these kinds of people and explain it all away, cause they got some kind of an investment in the person, or are just waiting for their chance to do the same thing. No one has ever plumbed the heights and depths of the human heart. We are beautiful beyond comprehension and potentially, equally as vile, in the opposite direction.
We’ve heard plenty about the NSA and their insane intention to vacuum up every communication and stray bit of information thought, spoken or read, anywhere in the world at any time (I may be exaggerating only a little). Here’s what this kind of ignorant and impossible agendas results in. Then I get the unflagging and ubiquitous ‘anonymous’, showing up and letting me know, through poorly drafted sarcasm, supported by zero facts but plenty of wide-eyed, frothing at the mouth conjectures, that the original Children of the Devil, are actually employees of The Catholic Church. I am pretty confident that he read all about this on some deep purple website, with pink text, that he found at the ass end of the internet.
I have put enough time and attention into studying what seems to be going on behind the scenes, through the employment of both deductive and inductive reasoning that… had I attended various institutions of higher learning, I would have long ago gotten my doctorate. There are quite a few like me out there and… some of us are… ‘out there’. My personal preference is to be at the diametrically opposite position as that of Sherlock Holmes, though I use them both. That should tell you (immediately in some cases-grin), which reasoning technique I prefer. I have yet to see any new information, in years, that goes ‘provably’ counter to what my research and ruminations have presented me with. I DID NOT set out already convinced of something and then arrange the facts following to confirm my projections (irony alert). I went where my inquiries and the facts led me. As I have stated in these blogs many, many times, there is no conceivable profit for me to hold the opinions that I do. They are career destroying and pariah making in the extreme but… what do I do? Do I tell the truth to go fuck itself because it didn’t make things all wonderfully acceptable to the masses? Do I deny to myself what my Lying Eyes are telling me? I have to live with myself. I have to live with myself and… so do you …so do you.
You aren’t hearing a word about this on the Crass Media. Is it true, untrue, or mere speculation? This deserves to be seen again, especially by those who didn’t see it the first time. It tells you, as so many things do, these days, what sort of monsters walk among us. Is this true, untrue or mere speculation? I’ll tell you this, when I see things like this, I let off with a war whoop of appreciation and gut level support. I’m no fan of the Taliban’s perspective on how life ought to be lived but… that’s none of my business. That’s how they do it over there, unless they’re otherwise occupied as the sodomized targets of the Zionist military, industrial complex. When I see things like this, I let out a war whoop, until it occurs to me that he probably set the whole thing up to collect on the insurance (read the article-inside job) and whatever he got kicked back from those he employed to do it. When I see things like this, I got to admit, I’m impressed (but no war whoop) and… since the governments are only the most powerful, organized criminal syndicate, I look at their responses to other criminals, as simply an attempt to eliminate the competition and crack down on entrepreneurship. Nothing is more convincing proof of the criminal nature of ZATO and the governments of the nations that compose it than this. Before the Israeli attack on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and empty Pennsylvania pastureland, which were performed to legitimize gratuitous (for profit) assaults on various nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Syria and sundry, the opium trade from Afghanistan was completely shut down. Now it is rocking along like the American private prison industry. Western military troops are observably employed at protecting the opium fields for multinational drug dealers.
When things reach the zenith of the ridiculous. When it all becomes nothing more than a joke… but it hurts to laugh. When professions held in high regard (probably many centuries ago) are composed of a large percentage of serious incompetents and when professions that are based on an informed knowledge of a process, become professions devoted to the perversion of that process, you know you’re in uncertain waters with a thick fog rolling in. When the world’s second oldest profession becomes indistinguishable from the world’s oldest profession, you know the system is sure and certain to implode, in the not too distant future. When the institutions of moral instruction and the repository of alleged spiritual teachings, are reduced to sexual grazing areas for the ministers and priest employed therein, you know that that infrastructure, of however many thousands of years, is very soon going to tumble to the ground.
Massive and irresistible change is upon us and we can only successfully greet it, by not resisting the changes within ourselves that are taking place at the same time. If we are all hot and bothered about the world changing but inattentive to changing ourselves, change will be forced upon us and the experience will be similar to the difference between consensual sex and forcible rape. Have it your way, you don’t have to go to McDonald’s for that to happen and you can get a pink slime shake just about anywhere these days.
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