Dancing on the Minute Hand of the Cosmic, Karma Clock

Visible Origami — July 28, 2013

Dog Poet Whimpering…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We’re going to go on a bit of a personal ride today. It needs doing and so it will be done.

Most people who come here are unqualified supporters of the author and the work that gets done here (measured and informed criticism is always welcome too-grin). The author extends his unqualified support to all of the readers, who make him better than he would have been on his own and who raise the consciousness level of the atmosphere, by collectively having high intelligence (for the most part-grin). There is a small cadre of vengeful hearts; it might all be the same person. It might be two. Since I’ve been doing this for awhile and have a smokingly awake intuition, I can tell when someone is trying to effect syntax modeling, in order to disguise themselves as someone else. So it goes. The main point though, is that we average about 1 negative comment a month around here, though, occasionally, said troll will catch a case of Red Ass and go off two or three times, in a short time, before heading back into his underground world of resentments, for not being able to do anything about what goes down here. He is especially upset that I keep rising from the ashes of occasional actings out and probably way, way more pissed that there is little likelihood of any more events. When I look at the overwhelming percentage of positive to negative commentary, I experience a few things. One is that there is a definite resonance here and it is manifested by a force other than myself. Another is that I’m going in the right direction even if I don’t know what that is. Another is that the impact of such a small amount of negativity on me is not even noticed by me, meaning I am perpetually inspired to keep doing what I do.

I mentioned yesterday that I could no longer go to the destination point that I have had in mind for some time. Indeed, I had been planning a migration to one of several countries (in that land mass) over the course of a couple of years. That’s how long I have known my situation here was going to transform. The amount of research I did about the various locations is pretty impressive (now I know why I have felt all along that there was something I wasn’t getting). I didn’t want to find myself so far away, with a massive headache. I’m pretty confident that it would have worked out, if I had been allowed to do it. I am seldom not allowed to do something. The bottom line, doing the math, is that I can’t do something if I can’t do it, for lack of the wherewithal to do it …and the universe has been dragging its feet big time, about things that it has gone out of it’s way to convince me of, or has been blowing smoke up my ass in respect of (grin). I have no particular priorities, or must haves, in relation to what I do. I do what I do because I am compelled to. If I got the world or nothing at all, it would change nothing. And… I’m not too upset at the cosmos, due to my not comprehending its sense of timing. I do have to remember that I was told, in no uncertain terms, that the major blessings and good fortune due me (earmarked for me) …could not come to me, until I had relocated; I keep forgetting that.

It occurs to me that the less I seek to do anything, the better off I am. I’m perfectly happy when completely alone and I’m glad to work all the time and I’m pretty much okay wherever I am, given certain minimal requirements being met, as long as it’s not the U.S.S.A. It’s not easy orchestrating or managing a life. It’s probably not smart, wanting to form a community, with a bunch of strangers, or relocate somewhere where everyone is a stranger, at least for a little while. It seems to make sense for me to simply focus on what I do and keep doing it …and not branch out into all sorts of entrepreneurial exercises. I can diagram them for interested parties. It makes sense if people want to see me they can just come and see me and many people do. I don’t blame anyone for not helping to facilitate what it was I thought I wanted to do. Behind the appearance of other people’s participation in my life, I see the hand of the cosmos, doing its mysterious workings thing. What I’m going to do is recognize the community in my head and let the rest of whatever be handled, or not, by precipitation at the hands of the unnamed god.

Now, I’ve spent two years trying to relocate myself, with a couple of colossal misadventures (that turned out to be the conscious cosmos acting in mysterious ways) and far more satisfactory interactions that never got any press, which is par for the course (grin). Everything has changed on me again and now I have to look for a situation in Europe somewhere. I’m laughing at the moment …because I have no idea of what I’m going to do, or where I’m going to go; an insider tour guide in Prague sounds interesting and I’ve got mad skills for that. What I do know is that I can manage to do it and that I’ll have a grace period, where I can sort things out. I don’t know how weird your lives have been but mine has only been weird. The only normal I’ve known, has come and gone, alternatively, coming and going.

So, it looks like I am going to disappoint a whole lot of people again …but really, there is nothing I can personally do about it. I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms that I can’t go where I had intended to go but I can go anywhere I want in this country or neighboring countries. I can even go back to our house in Italy and stay there from now on but that is a freaky zone for me to be all alone in, as has been demonstrably proven by what happened the last time I was there and why I wasn’t allowed to go back until now. I’d pretty much have to have someone around me there, as a reference point, if nothing else. When I get in private and isolated locations, the resonance between me and the invisible goes up a number of notches and there’s no telling what’s possible …because pretty much anything is.

Whatever might have happened in that other location can just as easily happen here. There are all sorts of places that are open for related things; abandoned monasteries, factory lofts, abandoned penitentiaries (grin), open spaces and god knows, Eastern Europe, or Ost Bloc, as we call it around here, certainly has potential, when it comes to cheap land and big empty buildings.

I imagine most of you have a certain consistency to your existence, you can rely on the world being pretty much the same, on whatever day you get up and walk out into it. I do not have this luxury and though it appears that I have an extreme freedom of movement and am allowed to give my time and attention to whatever comes in front of it, that’s not actually the case. I see myself more as a sort of automaton, who goes through certain motions, based on whatever is printed on the ticker tape, running out of the multi dimensional, Cosmic, Karma Clock.

There is no regularity in this clock, the way there in in an ordinary clock, or in the seasons which follow a predictable routine. What happens is that a sequence will go on, for as long as it takes for the sequence to accomplish, what the sequence was initiated to accomplish. It might happen quicker than what the varieties of prediction experts predict, or it may take longer but… it will go on as long as it has to …because the sequence that follows it, relies on that happening first.

Many of us like to believe that we are in charge of our own destiny, that we make the call and that everything we want, or need, is in earshot. What we are in charge of …is how we feel about what happens to us and how we react to it. We believe we initiate things but where does the impetus to act come from? Where do our ideas come from? Where do the people in our lives come from and… why them? Any one of us can walk into the same environments and circumstances and the results of our tenure there and what exists there, following our departure …and what happens while we are there, will be different every time. We are singular and unique, like snowflakes, to which we are often compared and… relatively speaking, in respect of greater things, as short lived as a snowflake, with the usual, rare and unusual exceptions. You’ve seen those exceptions in Asian figurines, with massive pronounced foreheads and other physical distinctions that set them apart from the unruly and undisciplined mob. They are usually placed as being… alone and unto themselves.

Every deity that we see personified in sculpture, pictures, or discussed in vague and indirect references, simply because it is impossible to define what is under discussion, have all been in manifestation, more than once, in whichever of us has been selected as a residence for the task.

People who are familiar with the great, deathless, Hindu saint, Babaji (sometimes accompanied by his sister), know that he observes the passing spectacle of human existence and on rare occasions, he will interact with certain individuals, as he did with Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yuketeswar and Lahiri Mahasaya. I’m reading the lineage backwards but… no matter, Babaji, like most of the Buddhas and various celestial beings (who are not Bodhisattvas), experiences ‘unbearable compassion‘ on a regular basis. What is unbearable compassion? That is when you see the pathetic and pitiable state of humanity and know that there is nothing you can do about it, that it is all knitted together in a collective and individual Karma that has to play out, until whatever needs to happen in the sequence happens. Once it does, you got options. That is what makes awareness so profound and powerful. A change in awareness can change your life. It can alter it so dramatically, as to make it unrecognizable …and history is littered (grin) with examples. You can also makes friends in unseen locations, by a relentless petitioning for presence. Should your desire for this, exceed your desire for everything else, it is automatically yours. That is a single requirement for the miraculous; meaning it will activate it. It’s not the only thing that will activate it though. I don’t want to give that impression. Grace can activate it and other things too.

Well, if I didn’t follow through on an expected sequence, it’s cause that sequence has been denied to me. It wasn’t denied initially. It just sort of grew and grew offstage, until it came on stage. So, I’ll be looking for hints for locations in the general area of here, which is a pretty big area and I’ll be checking out on my own, whatever possibilities suddenly appear in front of me, as if by accident, but… there are no accidents, are there?

End Transmission…….

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