Fulford Emerges as An Endearing Crank

I scolded Benjamin Fulford, “You were on record as wanting to deliver an ultimatum from a tangible power; instead you delivered three letters from a ghost.”

Fulford thinks he is channeling the ghost of his great-grandfather, tycoon G.T. Fulford, who knew John D. Rockefeller.

When he met David Rockefeller in Tokyo recently, Fulford didn’t even mention the Chinese Secret Society’s threat to assassinate members of the Illuminati if they didn’t change course. Instead he delivered three harebrained letters about Rockefeller ending war and poverty, thereby establishing a legacy, and going to heaven.

The ghost entices DR with cliched New Age descriptions of heavenly bliss. Apparently this ghost hasn’t heard that “it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.”

David Rockefeller is part of an evil and ancient conspiracy against God and man. Does Fulford think he is going to convert him?

Is the Chinese Secret Society also a figment of Benjamin Fulford’s fevered imagination? Why would assassins and gangsters take up the cause of humanity? More likely they are part of the Illuminati themselves. Was Fulford set up to create and dash expectations?

In my defense, when I introduced Fulford, I did say:” This secret society is challenging the traitorous Western Establishment. We’re talking about the State Apparatus! So please be critical. It may or may not be what he says. Time will tell.”

Well, the verdict is in. Benjamin Fulford has emerged as an endearing crank, someone who wants to save the world but doesn’t understand what deep doo-doo we are in.

Fulford wrote to me Tuesday: “Please realize the Asian secret societies have asked me to find a win-win solution for all concerned as my first priority. Mr. Rockefeller has been given a chance to voluntarily try to make amends towards the end of his life. It is his last chance. He and his people have been exposed and are about to be eliminated from the body politic of the world.”

“However, they still control the ability to kills hundreds of millions if not billions of people (Israel’s 200 nukes come to mind). In such circumstances offering them a chance to resolve the situation peacefully is still the first choice.”

Yes, Benjamin but you didn’t even mention to Rockefeller the threat you have been parading across the Internet for the last four months. You had no business delivering these letters, which Rockefeller certainly dismissed as the work of a boob.

I advised Ben to keep these letters confidential but he is so taken by his vision (and himself?) that he sent them to Jeff Rense.

“I have seen the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” he writes, and am open to considering the possibility all this involvement with the illuminati has pushed me over the brink.”

Yes, the pressure must be enormous. But then he tries to justify himself on the basis that the same ghost advised a Canadian Prime Minister. So what?

“As for G.T. I admit it is a surreal issue. However, I ask you this: why would the Canadian government make secret, to this day, exactly what this purported ghost told [Prime Minister MacKenzie] King? …I guarantee you this alleged ghost was warning about the illuminati.”

Hello! King was part of the Illuminati! He was J.D. Rockefeller’s best buddy. He was a creep who engaged in séances and pretended to save prostitutes. Canadian poet F.R. Scott wrote his epitaph: “He blunted us.”

Fulford imagines his Secret Society is behind the decline in the US dollar. He thinks this “soft power” will render the US incapable of advancing the New World Order.

Again, I beg to differ. The Illuminati have no loyalty to the US but are perfectly capable of keeping it afloat until the next world war.

Fulford was correct when he said that opponents of the NWO had to take out the top Illuminati. This is the only thing they fear: an armed and aroused population. Democracy is a charade. The mass media is an instrument of social control. They want to keep us campaigning for Ron Paul and writing letters to the editor.

Don’t misunderstand me. Paul would be a great President but the process is fixed. He hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

Had there been an army of oriental assassins to do our dirty work, how convenient it would have been! In the Muslim world, there are plenty of people willing to sacrifice their lives for their Cause. But we armchair patriots are capable only of posting new diatribes on the Internet.

Just as well since 98% of the population is oblivious to the fact that the country has been subverted by an international occult society, and the elite all belong to it. (The Council on Foreign Relations is one of its outward manifestions.)

At times like this, our best weapons are our common sense and our spiritual ideals. Let’s remain calm and resist the world of the occult. Let’s have faith that a greater power than the Illuminati is at work.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.” (www.cruelhoax.ca) His articles can be found at his web site www.henrymakow.com He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. hmakow@gmail.com