Hindenburg another Zionist False Flag?

James Perloff — henrymakow.com July 27, 2013

On May 6, 1937 the German zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames while docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  The spectacular disaster brought an end to the airship era.
Before the Internet, “truthers” had limited access to alternative news.  One source was the newsletter of Hilaire du Berrier, who had served in the OSS during World War II.  After the war, the OSS, which changed its name to the CIA, and “downsized,” a euphemism for eliminating the genuine anti-Communists within its ranks.
One was du Berrier.  But he maintained numerous international contacts and ran his intelligence newsletter out of Monaco from 1958 to 2001. His very last report was on 9-11 at age 96.
I had the pleasure of meeting du Berrier during one of his visits to Boston, and have read all of his newsletters.   His September 1984 newsletter exposed  Victor Rothschild, as a Soviet spy, 11 years before Roland Perry’s 1995 book The Fifth Man.

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