Do Gay Men Foster Masculine Women?

by Colm O’Hehir — ( July 26, 2013

Traditionalist Christians often decry the homsosexual sexual revolution, rightly so in my view.
But in recent times I’ve become intrigued by the role of homosexual men in shaping the HETEROSEXUAL sexual revolution, i.e. the culture of casual sexual promiscuity now the norm in many western nations.
Has the predominance of homosexual men in the media and fashion industry subtly altered the outlook of heterosexuals of both sexes? I think it’s quite plausible to suggest that it has.
Recently, I read a column by a young British female journalist in the  Daily Telegraph, in which she recalled that the “stunners” of the 1980s (such as the Benny Hill girls and the glamour model Samantha Fox) had “soft bodies”, unlike the female celebrity beauties of today.
It was a fairly throwaway remark, but it got me wondering if the rise of the hard bodied ideal feminine body type owes a lot to the prevalence of homosexual men in the fashion industry, television, and magazine publishing.
After all, gays go for the lean, hard, muscular look in men; so it’s only logical to assume that they’ll like it in women as well. Even the hard, football-like fake boobs of so many modern female celebs have an unyielding, oddly masculine quality to them.
Could it be that homosexual ideals of female beauty are now paradoxically the norm? And could it also be that the whole glorification of the dominant, competitive, unapologetically promiscuous female is also in some sense a gay ideal?


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