Voice of the White House November 12, 2007

The firm policy of the morally bankrupt Bush administration is to do their best to terrify everyone, including Congress, into believing that enormous armies of evil Arabs are poised to attack the United States, invade Topeka, Kanass, blowing up public toilets and day care centers.

Only if the people give Bush continued support will these dread events be halted. Red warning days, duct tape tender moments and a constant reminder that George Bush, all by himself, dressed up in mesh stockings, a leather bra and wearing a winged helmet stands between all of us and rape and pillage.

Bush mumbles about the huge number of aborted plots, aimed at our Heartland, that he and his fighters for liberty have thwarted. Bush lies like a cheap motel rug and is just as filthy. What plots? A bunch of ignorant teen-aged black boys in Florida whom the FBI tricked into mouthing vague threats against Chicago’s Sears Tower? Two cousins with Muslim last names telling a paid informer that Americans are killers of their relatives and should be killed? A few planted ideas and they are taped into making damaging threats, threats they are completely incapable of executing.

Give us the chronicle of the thwarted plots, George, if you can. Let us see how useful the DHS has been, for example, Katrina excepted.

And now Bush wants the Congress to hold SBC, AT&T, AOL and others blameless for volunteering to tap the phones and the computers of millions of Americans, without warrants of any kind and in direct violation of the law.

These scumbags weren’t threatened by anyone into this; they eagerly rushed forward to voluntarily spy on all of us. Now, they demand that Bush keep them from being sued. And Bush, as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, takes bags full of money and tells Congress his Imperial demands.

There are plenty of trees in Washington and a few officials dangling from the upper branches might annoy the squirrels but others would be in transports of delight. The rest of the living ones should be on transports to Tel Aviv where they can act as walking mine detectors for the IDF. “

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