Mass Surrender to Syrian Army All Over Syria

Syrian Perspective — July 25, 2013

Dead Syrian terrorists in Al-Raashideen

Al-Raashideen: A stunning morning assault on remnant rodent packs inside Al-Raashideen Wednesday, one of the last concentrated strongholds of the FSA inside the city, was a major success.  I did not want to publish this yesterday because I was promised a list of carcasses for my readers over which they could delectate.  This list is compiled by police and security personnel:

Majeed Shinnaawi
Mustafaa Hadeed
Ra’ed Juwwayliyya
Muhammad Kabreeti
Hassan ‘Urfaan
Khaaled Battheesh
‘Azeez Muzher
Ahmad Jawshak
Haareth Al-Fu’aadi
Hassaan Al-Khibya
Muhannad Abu-Hammaadi
‘Abdul-Ghani Al-Wari’
Yaaseen Mashhoor
Ahmad Al-‘Areedhi
Saameh Siqlaawi
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Burayjaat

Another 29 could not be identified.  They had no valid papers and are believed to be foreigners.

Basanqool: Recently cleansed of rat filth by the SAA and militia, it is also the scene of death for the Kuwaiti liar and pedophile, SA’OOD FAAYEZ AL-HUWAYLA AL-‘AJAMI, at the so-called “Al-‘Imaad Checkpoint” where one of our very astute infantrymen scorched the backside of this Arabian ape forcing him to seek shelter behind a tractor.  When his crisped hide couldn’t carry him the distance, other infantrymen PUT HIM TO DEATH WITH A FUSILLADE OF LEAD appropriate for a common brigand and child molester.

THIS ISSUE OF PIG EXCREMENT had a relative, Shaafi Al-‘Ajami, a rabble-rousing circus barker who, but for his place of birth, would have been on American television snookering naive trailer park denizens into giving up their life savings for a fantasy sinecure in Heaven and who, having boasted about the slaughter of innocent Shi’i villagers in Hatla in Dayr El-Zor, assured himself a place among the bottom-feeding hypocrites and sodomites of Hell.

The dead moron, Sa’ood Faayez Al-Huwayla Al-‘Ajami, was a part of another miserable and disastrous campaign called Operation “Fath Mubeen”, فتح مبين or “Manifest Conquest”.  It comes from the Chapter in the Qur’an which is called “Surat Al-Fath”.  Amazingly, this chapter which is about the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, has nothing to do with conquest in the military sense but is a paean to peaceful resolution of conflict.  If these stinking, slimy Arabian scarabs would ever bother to read the Qur’an, they might have figured that one out.  QED.

So far, our SAA has killed a document 40 Kuwaitis and sent their pelts straight to the leather factory in Hades.

Al-Daanaa: 24 rat carcasses were discovered after an internal feud over booty resulted in a race to see who would get to Hell first.  According to SANA, the Jabhat Al-Nusra and The Islamic State made a good show yesterday in demonstrating the relationship between Jihadism and cupidity.


Loyal Palestinians have had enough of the vermin.  Yesterday, Palestinian Committees backed by SAA routed the J.N. and FSA in the northern stronghold of the Yarmouk Camp and visited disaster upon them.   SyrPer can confirm with absolute certainty the deaths of 38 rats who were killed defending their soiled toilets in the abandoned homes which used to belong to good Palestinian families.  This is no ordinary event.  The word is out that Palestinians are intent upon reclaiming their homes no matter the cost.  No Zionist-funded or Zionist-aided rat is going to repeat the rape of Palestine again.  Of the 38 dead rodents, only 7 could be firmly identified:

Sa’adi Ahmad Mutawalli
Faheem ‘Ali Al-Hindi
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Majeed Hamaada
‘Abdul-Ra’oof Khaleel Ibraaheemi
Talaal Jaaber Hussni
Mu’een ‘Abdu Salmaan
Muhammad Mustafaa Al-Fijla


Maj. Gen. Muhammad Ibraaheem Al-Sha'aar, Minister of the Interior, flanked by senior officers in the Syrian Special Forces tells the world that the Syria of today is much more powerful than the one of yesterday.

Tallat Al-Mistaah: This is in Barza, a pack of rats was exterminated by the Orkin Man with one 23mm heavy machine gun cannon destroyed.  14 confirmed dead rats.  These are the only names I received from Monzer:

Muhammad Baheej Qubrusli
‘Umar Sa’ood Al-Za’eem
Mustafaa Hassan Manju
Hammood Muhammad Rizqallah
Zuhayr ‘Ali Al-‘Ali

Jawbar: At the now-famous Al-Manaasher Roundabout, SAA killed 11 rats and took 4 prisoner.  No details.

Harastaa: At the Daayaa Air Conditioning Corporation, the SAA dumped Freon 12 on some hot rats and sped them down Route 666 to you know who.  I have no details, yet.

Madhee’ Jamaalu in ‘Arbeen: 3 rodents trapped in a hovel tried to sneak their way out at dusk thinking the cat would take a nap.  The cat was on uppers and skinned their hides:

Ahmad Wadhdhaah Kharroobi
Zayn Sa’eed Al-Fallaah
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Fattaah Sulaymaan

‘Adraa Town:  A 23mm machine gun cannon and several assault rifles were the crowning moment in killing these asses:

Sa’ad Al-Darkhabaani

The other 4 could not be identified.

Hujjayra: News developing about a massive defeat for the J.N. and over 100 rats surrendering and asking for amnesty.  I have no details yet, but if true, this means the end for the rat army.

Babeela: Afghan Hound excrement found dead after unfortunate incident with SAA bullet:


Hajar Al-Aswad: No details yet about a unit of rats that gave up the ghost.

Al-Husayniyya: Another miserable rout for the J.N.


The other 6 could not be identified although they are suspected non-Syrians.

Al-Dhiyaabiyya: More miserable Islamist cockroaches are stamped out of existence:

Musallit Al-Jaboori (IRAQI DUNG BEETLE)

AL-ZABADAANI: We can confirm that Syrian Special Forces operations in this mountain town near the Lebanese border was the scene yesterday of a humiliating loss to the FSA.  I am receiving details today from Monzer who has promised a happy tale.


Khirbat Sanneen: SAA announced complete security for this sleepy town.

Al-‘Abdali: Ditto.  Over 39 IED devices were dismantled.

‘Ayn Dhakar: Ditto.   A large number of IEDs were dismantled here, also.  No details.

Al-Hammaadeen Neighborhood in the City:  15 heat-seeking missiles provided by Arabian rodents were found inside a school.  That’s education for you.

Saydaa and Haanoot: An 82mm mortar, IEDs, mortar rockets, T-M anti-tank mines and 26 assault rifles were uncovered here.

Busraa Al-Shaam: At both the East and Western quarters,  25 confirmed rat deaths with 41 surrendering and asking for Amnesty Program.  All 25 had no valid identification, so, MI or GS will use the prisoners to help.

A failed car suicide bomber went up into the Mephiso Molecule Museum when alert NDF fighters didn’t give him a chance to approach their checkpoint.  He was driving over the speed limit and received a citation.  His hearing is before Judge Belial of the 666 District Court.  The rat’s name?

Maalek ‘Issa

Nawaa: SAA killed these miserable excuses for Rodent Nobility:

‘Urwa ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-‘Ali
Ahmad Moussa ‘Atiyya Al-‘Umraan
Muhammad Khayr Barakaat

I have no details about more fighting in Tafas and Dayr Al-‘Adas.


The rats just don’t get it.  The coast is not a welcome place for them.  WE CONFIRM THE ARREST OF 24 RODENTS BELONGING TO “ISLAMIC DAWN”, “FAJR AL-ISLAM” along with their commander.  That they were taken prisoner instead of fighting to the death is testament to the dismally low morale now infecting their corps.  SyrPer is delighted to report that all names, once ascertained, will be delivered if SAFI permits.  Wael will do his best.

HOMS:   You should have heard by now that Khaalidiyya is virtually rat-free.  Families of trapped rodents are trying to negotiate amnesties for them.  The committee headed by Dr. ‘Ali Haydar has been very effective in getting many confused young men out of the maws of death and back to normal lives.

Victories for the SAA, militia and NDF are confirmed in the following areas:  Baab Hood, Al-Qaraabees, Al-Qusoor, Al-Hameediyya, Al-Hissin, Al-Zaara and Kafr Laahaa. If any details arrive, I will publish them.


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