Hitler Took a Fall

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — July 25, 2013, (Completely revises Hitler Didn’t Want World War from March, 2004)

Hitler didn’t want a world war, and had no stomach for fighting England, according to Louis Kilzer, author of Churchill’s Deception (Simon & Schuster, 1994).
Kilzer’s book is a twist on the official history of World War Two, a war which continues today as a propaganda template for Good and Evil.
According to Kilzer, Hitler advocated an alliance of Germany and her Aryan cousins: England and the United States. His territorial demands were limited to Communist Russia, which he regarded as a proxy for Jewish world ambitions.
In fact, he was an agent of Anglo-American Jewish finance, (i.e. the illuminati) which wanted to entrap and destroy Germany.
According to Kilzer, the “miracle at Dunkirk” was “an extraordinary peace overture” to England. Hitler halted his generals for three days allowing 330,000 Allied soldiers to escape.
“The blood of every single Englishman is too valuable to shed,” Hitler said. The racial dogma was a pretext. Anyone serious about destroying Jewish finance would have plucked out its heart – the City of London.


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