“We’ve been Had,” Cairo Woman Speaks Out

by “Nancy S” — henrymakow.com July 24, 2014

When I last wrote to you, you told me not to worry, there will be other elections. What is the use of voting when we have gone to the polls over 5 times in the last two years, waiting for hours on end to have our say and in the end, the army comes in and says “game over” because ‘democracy’ brought a different result from what they wanted or expected?
Over the past few weeks, they have been using Orwellian doublespeak. To say in one breath “We believe in freedom of the press” while at the same instant they have closed down the TV channels of the Muslim Brotherhood and others who  express something contrary to what the Army wants. They say they believe in democracy while burning down, not only the MB’s party headquarters but those of other parties whose voices they want to muffle. They say they are continuing the revolution while they kidnapped the first democratically appointed president who came as a result of that revolution.
They have been demonizing the MB (ikhwan) and trying to make them out as terrorists, but to tell you the truth, we saw nothing of the sort when they were in power.
Yes, we saw inefficiency, nepotism, many mistakes but the truth has to be said – no terrorism. What we did see was the terrorism of the army, who days after their coup, killed praying protesters in the street.

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