An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Dewey, Lipshits, Cheatem and Howe

Smoking Mirrors — July 24, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Beeeering! Beeeering! “Hallo”. “Is this Mr. Les Visible”? “Uh…yeah but… just visible will do, the less part gets tiresome and contains a subjective negative”. “What”? “Never mind. What do you want? No one ever calls here talking in English”. “Well Mr. uh, Visible. This is Hymie Lipshits from The Guinness Book of World Records…”
Visible interrupts, “What, you guys are bugging me and the NSA is bugging me. Look! There was nothing exceptional about that last belch…”
Lipshits interrupts, “it’s not about a belch, Visible. We don’t know anything about a belch. We’re not bugging you, just FYI but… we do have a lot of web bots and cutting edge software that trolls the internet; Google, Alexa, places like that and it has come to our attention that you presently hold the record for the least profitable aggregate of websites, with the widest circulation, in comparison to the lowest profit margin and we’d like to include you in the 2013 edition (3rd printing) of our annual compendium of records. How do you feel about that?”
visible is silent for a short spell, then says, “Geez, I guess I’m honored and it is nice to be recognized for singular achievements. I’d been hoping for something more along the lines of highest number of sexual engagements with French fairy tale princesses from the provinces but, that’s not been moving along at any real speed. So… sure. What do I get besides the publicity”?
Lipshits coughs, “Actually, visible, you don’t get anything else but, I’m sure you would agree that this feature dovetails nicely with the state of your existence anyway. One might consider it almost poetic”.
“I guess you’re right and, if I’m lucky and the trend of my existence indicates that I might be, I can perhaps hope for a poetic conclusion to my existence, say… something along the lines of John Berryman or Dylan Thomas.
Lipshits says, “We’ll certainly make note of that in our publication, should you distinguish yourself in that regard and I think I speak for all of us here, when I say nothing would please us more than for you to wrap up this whole sordid affair in a dramatic and socially beneficial way like that.
“Okay then, I’ve got something on the stove and I have to go. I’ll try not to disappoint you though”.
“Good, good, thank you, visible. We look forward to whatever you can come up with.. adieu”.
“Yeah, whatever, bye”. (grin).
I’ve been in a strange mood all morning, scuttling about, doing all sorts chores and singing to myself in an extemporaneous, spontaneous, black humor/satire kind of a way. I hate to break the mood so, I’ll just continue, shall I? Yes, I shall.
I’ve been thinking of American presidents and how so very, very few, if any, ever came right out and said what was what, laying it all on the line in such a way that it would be seen as the truth, while, at the same time, awakening the public to things the public has never been awakened to collectively, before …because they have shit in their ears (you’ll be wanting to know who donates the foulest smelling shit into the environment) and that plays havoc with the audible and comprehensible. This is counterpointed by the politicians, clergy, media-bots and most famous artists, who have shit on their lips; hence the hybrid combo, generated by the agencies that facilitate the pitcher on the one hand and the catcher on the other, giving you Lipshits. Perhaps in the very beginning there were some powerful commentaries by founding fathers, who became president and Franklin, who did not. Their direct and clear statements about the perennial parasites on the body and resources of humanity, are there to be found, although these statements have been universally suppressed, insofar as being brought to the public’s attention. Let’s not forget those animals who have distinguished themselves in the olfactory zone. Let’s not forget how insane the predators are.
Back to those presidents but first, let’s have a listing of great minds from history and what they had to say. I’m guessing there were some great speeches over the years and also things that came into the public view that were not originally intended to, like Nixon and Billy Graham, discussing the greatest and most constant material scourge, in presently recorded history …but I keep thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if some president (certainly not the Nimrod presently in office), presidential candidate or powerful person of either sex were to call a news conference and say something like this;
“I am soon to be much older than I am now and I am old now. It is to be presumed that I will depart this plane in the not unforeseeable future. Having been a politician for most of my life, else-wise I would not have become president, as it takes a lifetimes of deals and arrangements, for one to finally be in a position for that to happen; unless one were a simple laboratory concoction, like my predecessor, Barry Sotero, who was made from a variety of chemicals in the Rand/Monsanto facilities.
“I have often wondered why no president other than myself, has ever chosen to stand before you, as I myself have come to do today. I will tell you some of the reasons for that, as I will tell you my reasons for breaking the extended silence that has hovered over the life of this nation, like the atmosphere inside a crypt and with much the same meaning, implications and aroma. For many of them, it was the fear of death. For many of them it was the lingering force and awareness of blackmail, as well as the threat to their families and friends and… finally, how history would treat them, given that the worst creatures ever to draw breath upon this planet, control history and the media as well. They also decide who writes the books you read and whether they are sold or distributed. At least they did, until the internet came along. Yes, these Talmudic vampires have had their way with cultures and societies, not to mention economies and what wars have come and gone (a shocked murmuring can be heard moving through the listening and watching audience, accompanied by a few gasps and some unintelligible cries of outrage; no doubt these are given voice by those who are representative of those of whom the president speaks and who far outweigh the percentage of their own numbers in the population in the halls of power.)
“As it so happens I have managed to avoid the threat of blackmail. I am not afraid of death, it will come soon enough in any case and as far as friends and family go, they’re all pretty endemic of their class and clout, meaning the world is no better for them being here and can only be improved by their departure. So it is that I have come to you today, through foreign broadcasts and the alternative media, knowing that were I to have attempted this in the American media the dual national Israelis who own and control it would have shut off my microphone and assassination orders would have immediately gone out to domestic Mosssad agents, who handle any and all residents of this or any country that objects to their vicious manipulations …of every life force on this planet.
“Since I am the president of the United States, you can assume I have access to all intelligence files in the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and all the other black op murder factories that we’ve managed to create over the years and which are now more powerful than the government and anyone else for that matter and all of which are controlled by Israel and their Zionist double agents around the country.
“At any rate I have come here today to tell you that Zionists and Israelis who are collectively members of the Worldwide Satanic Church, are responsible for all of our wars, the state of our economic system and what happens to it, most every assassination, including those of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, as well as Martin Luther King. They are also responsible for the death of Kennedy’s son, John Kennedy. They attempted to start World War 3 by attacking the U.S.S.S. Liberty and they were the primary driving force behind the 9/11 attacks, The London Tube bombings, The Madrid Train Station bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing. They assassinated Senator Paul Wellstone and really… the amount of people of prominence and also those unknown to the general public… well, the number is so great I could literally stand here all day naming names.
“The principal agent that has made it possible for them to take control of The United States and most of the countries of The West, is via their control of the private banking syndicate, known as The Federal Reserve. They had so corrupted the American economy that they were tossed out, only to return on the back of an assassination in 1901 and evil backroom shenanigans in 1913. This made it possible for them to initiate World War 1, for economic profit. I would like to point out that they also assisted in bringing Hitler to power and were very much behind the creation of World War 2 also. You have to look very, very hard to find something monstrous and evil that impacts on so many lives that they are not neck deep in. They were the architects of The Bolshevik Revolution and directly responsible for the murderous death of tens of millions of Russians and near ten million Ukrainians. They were also behind the Armenian holocaust and are presently engaged in the Palestinian genocide. As you can see, my fellow Americans, these are some very, very bad people.
“It is my expectation that they will now try to have me killed. They will certainly seek to have me certified as mad but… I have taken steps to that end and released irrefutable evidence of everything I have come before you to claim today and the internet will soon be flooded with these informations from literally hundreds of locations. Keep in mind that I am the president of the United States and that makes me the Whistleblower in Chief. You cannot be more of an insider than I, or have greater access to what is and what is not than I have. You might rather not believe me …but you have no choice I am afraid. After these vermin, the biggest danger facing this country is the Zionist Christians, for it is they, in their large numbers that makes it possible for so much evil to be rubber-stamped and this is due to the colossal ignorance and stupidity of this demographic. Yes, these are harsh words my fellows but… they are the truth. If you wish to regain your country, you must collectively, enmasse, expose and make powerless both of these snake pits or you, as a country and a people are doomed.
“Thank you for the time you have given me this day. Thank you for having allowed me to try and serve you, even though there has been little I could do, given whose hands the country really is in. Just look, people, look at who are the central bankers, who controls American foreign policy, who has pushed for all the wars, who controls American domestic policy, who runs Homeland Security, even who created it, Who were the majority members of PNAC, who trains your police, who was behind the bailouts and mortgage foreclosure frauds. Look people! I can do nothing more for you. Global warming is not your problem. Enemies abroad are not your problem. The problem is the barbarians and psychopaths inside the gates. Thank you for having let me be your president and giving me this moment to tell you the truth, for once. To quote Sidney Carlton; “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”.
Take hope. In these desperate hours, great efforts are in operation. The tide has turned and the invisible hierarchy is precipitating down upon this material plane. Let your hearts, your minds and your voices be added unto this struggle. We have uncovered our most pernicious and horrific enemy. May the forces of good finally become triumphant in these final hours. May god guide and comfort you in this struggle. May peace and harmony be restored”.
Yes, we need a president or any prominent man or woman high in the power stations of these times to come forward and say these things. We need a chorus and a mighty choir to sing the song of freedom from the Morlocks in our midst. Throw off your chains. You are never so tightly bound as you might imagine. The darkness will pass and the servants of the darkness will pass with it. The lords of Nature and The Cosmos will not be denied.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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