Young Man Blames Sex Addiction

Rob Rennie — July 23, 2013

My father just told me that I’m fooling myself if I think I’ll be able to provide for a family working as a personal trainer and that I’ll most likely come running to him for financial support in the event I even get married.
He tends to say hurtful things to me when I confront him on his MSNBC-watching or liberalism. On the one hand, I appreciate his candor. He’s more firm with me than my mother, who tends to baby me too much, but I know from the way he’s saying it that he also wants to hurt me.
Why do I subject myself to this? Because I live in my parent’s basement and I can’t afford to move out. Most people think there’s something wrong with me. They think I’m a former drug addict, or that I’m not that intelligent, but the truth is I was a very good student. I got a scholarship to the University of Rochester and earned a degree in English Literature. Later, I got two masters degrees, one in Secondary English Education and one in College Administration. Lack of intelligence was never my problem.
If you’re wondering how someone like me ended up a basement dweller at the age of thirty-one, read on.


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