Sex Addiction now is “Normal”

by Hugo Vance — ( July 22, 2013

The American Medical Association has announced that sex addiction is normal, based on UCLA sex ‘study’.
They’re already calling them ‘hypersexuals’.  Since they proceed to name Hollywood celebrities as ‘hypersexuals’ we know where they’re taking it.  Hypersexuality is ‘cool’.
Obviously, this is a necessary position for the ‘reverse engineering’ of social wisdom on homosexuality.   One difference between procreative ‘sexual preference’ (aka heterosexuality) and homosexuality is that the latter always carries with it sex addiction.
The impetus for ‘heterosexuality’ is reproduction of the species. As that’s biologically impossible for homosexual pathology, the only impetus left for it is sex addiction.
However, they can’t admit this because ‘addiction’ is a disorder, and they can’t allow homosexuality to be identified as ‘abnormal’.
This is necessary advance work toward ‘normalization’ of pedophilia.  Hypersexual symptoms in children has been one of the red flags for suspecting child sexual abuse.
Now they’ll say, “I have good news, your child is a sex prodigy!”  From there it follows that children “born this way” have a right to have sex with Uncle Jane and Aunt Butch.

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