A Dirge for Helen Thomas and other Headstones in the Cemeteries of Night

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 22, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
First, let me pay my respects to that fine and enduring lady, Helen Thomas. For all of the things she has done. For some reason she always reminds me of Danny Thomas, who was also Lebanese. She was a good egg was Helen Thomas and if most everyone else on our side of the fence, is not going to give her the time of day, then I certainly will. I have always admired that woman. She may not have been perfect but none of us are (save for a very few) or we wouldn’t be here. She was a woman of great courage and conviction. She showed the fire of her metal and integrity there at the end. I would have rather she had not apologized afterwards, I never would have and my words would have been stronger but that is me and I will not sit in judgment of her for it. She held the various president’s feet to the fire, I saw her doing it and she had the balls (unlike so many of her neutered male, house pet contemporaries) to say that George W. Bush was the worst American president in history and… that’s saying something.
So, if you’re a man or a woman who like a drink now and again, do me, yourselves and Helen a righteous favor and raise a drink to her this very evening. Toast her for setting an example, followed by few. She will not be forgotten and certainly not by me. God Bless you Helen, wherever you may be now. The world is better for your having been here, not worse …and that it something all of us might well wish to be true of ourselves and there is life enough and time enough to make that so.
Now, just watch anonymous, show up with some nasty things to say about her. It won’t mean a thing cause, it ain’t no thing. There aren’t too many ladies with her character around. She was consistent and she was honest, in a profession where those two qualities, along with integrity are seldom, if ever seen. Someone who only lies half the time, would be far ahead of the pack and at the top of their field. In a world where lying poseurs like Greg Palast, are lauded as cutting edge, we can’t seem to set the bar low enough. How anyone can spend such a large part of their life sucking the Zionist tit, just for some exposure and a paycheck, is beyond me and always will be. Count me in with Olaf, by way of E.E. Cummings, “There is some shit I will not eat”.
I’ve been wondering a bit lately what might happen to me. It’s due to my, one way or another, going off into unknown country and… however I shuffle and sort it, it remains unknown country. It’s also due to seeing things like this. (site is continuous in output I guess, so I don’t know what you will find but… you got the other side of the story there. It is due to murmurs and rumors and also being around long enough and around enough fonts of information, for me to catch the drift of what things are drifting into. I have spent, wasted (maybe yes, maybe no) my time and my life, trying to get together with other like minded sorts and… ‘get the band back together’. I’m a singer and a writer, not really much of a musician but… I sure can sing and dance; not to everyone’s taste but then no one is… not really, no one is.
I like the place that I think I am going to and it looks like I can swing the place I am going to but more about that at the Les Visible blog shortly. Anyway, if you are of a mind to join me, it looks like a solid reality and once it’s gone, it’s gone, ….so put in your order now and connect with me as to what your costs and the potential limitations are.
Yes… it is very, very apparent that the administration in America is looking to start a race war and the usual suspects are behind that too, as evidenced by the recent film The Purge”. They consider themselves to be forced into tactics like this, because their bad behavior has put them into a world of shit. That’s the thing about evil enterprise. It may pay off like gangbusters, for awhile …but eventually the piper comes calling. There is no way the piper does not show up on your doorstep, especially when Mr. Apocalypse is doing his Fred Astaire, across the mossy topsoil, of the cemeteries of night.
One of the reasons ‘they’ like to control history, for the purpose of changing it, to suit their purposes, is to keep the public ignorant of the truth and informed about their version. This is the same reason ‘they’ want to (and do) control the press, for the purpose of controlling the information of the present and for the purpose of being in a position, to be the sole arbiters and interpreters of it. When you control public perception of what has been and what is, then you control the direction of the future according to them.
As far as I’m concerned, they control nothing, except those who surrender their freedom and autonomy, into the hands of those whose intention is to destroy them and who hold them in withering contempt. This is something I can’t get my head around. It is blatantly apparent that the stool sculpture deity worshipers, these fecal obsessed Talmudic vampires, hate the human race.; not being members of it, yet, the hoi polloi think nothing of putting their fate in their hands, out of the fear of offending them. Well, ♫It ain’t me, Babe. It ain’t me you’re thinking of♫. They can close me off to every theater of enterprise and I won’t budge an inch and I hold all of their fellow travelers in withering contempt, for not speaking out about their associates, which makes them partners in crime. Sins of omission are not less offensive and vile than sins of commission. Silence is the last refuge of the coward.
I’m going to tune out now, given the admonitions I just received from an astrology reader just now As I told him, strangely enough, I’m not feeling any of these things at the moment, gratefully, but… you might so pay heed). His initials are C.V. And I will leave it up to him to introduce himself in the comments sections should he wish to. Anyone else, so informed, can also insert their take, like the wonderful Bob Hitt, or The Gardener. I’ll see you tomorrow if there is one.

“People are more sensitive to conversations, tones, and opinions when Mercury is in a water sign, as it is now. We’re very aware of our words and how our words can hurt the feelings of others, and this can keep us from having conversations we know we need to have. We may find we have to withdraw from interaction and discourse at times during the Mercury transit of Cancer, drawing our heads back into our crab shells to deal with the sensitivity and maintain emotional stability…

During the Mercury in Cancer transit, we’ll be required to have conversations that unnerve us and to participate in interactions that make us or others uncomfortable. There is initiatory movement required here (cardinal energy), and we have to talk about it in order to keep things moving in the right direction…

Cancer involves emotional conditioning, especially from the early upbringing. With Mercury retrograding in Cancer within cardinal t-square, we are breaking out of communication patterns that involve manipulation, emotional blackmail, or guilt – all possible Cancer territory. We are intellectually coming to understand how our emotions can be used against us, how our fear can be used against us, how our desire for comfort can be used against us, and we’re working to disengage from those sources of manipulation – personally and on a societal level.

Communicating honestly now without those layers of emotional manipulation – even the subtle ones – is our challenge.

Mercury will be slow in the zodiac for the remainder of this month, re-gaining full speed direct and leaving the retrograde shadow degrees by August 3. This keeps the squiggly-squirmy pressure on us for the rest of July. Any necessary conversations or connections previously avoided will be coming up now.

With powerhouse transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto so strongly involved, we have the ability to hurt people quite deeply with our words and tones now. The mental and emotional territory in which we’re being held can seem intolerable (Pluto), and there will be strong and immediate urges to rebel, to break away, to say anything that could move us in a different direction (Uranus).

Understand that these transpersonal planets don’t care about hurt feelings. They don’t care about the people you care about. The immense amount of energy coursing through our systems, our minds, and our conversations could do a lot of damage if we are not oh-so-careful with our tongues over the next couple weeks.

Don’t allow these transpersonal planets to run you or your conversations. Control the energy and curb the urges to be shocking, rebellious, or hurtful. Mental comfort zones will certainly be disrupted by the Mercury contacts to Uranus and Pluto, but we don’t have to make this any more difficult for people – or for ourselves – than it already is.

Mercury enters Leo August 8.”
Once again, long may you wave, Helen Thomas. I loved you then and I love you yet and ever shall. There was many lass considered more lovely by any measurement to you but, to my eyes, you were beautiful in ways far too often unseen. If beauty is only skin deep then some portion of your own went all the way to the bone.

Patrick Willis narrates: Helen Thomas Does Zion

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