Internet censorship now absolutely RAMPANT

Jim Stone — via The July 22, 2013

I know what the new data center in Utah is for – it is not about collecting information, it is about censorship of blogs and forums. The quality of the forums around the web, including places like Beforeitsnews has taken a massive nose dive since the Utah data center opened and now it is very difficult to use them to get new information that is being censored in the MSM. On top of that, when I try to post articles to Beforeitsnews, they no longer go up. Beforeitsnews likes this web site, and I know it is not anything they are doing. Take a look at what Beforeitsnews has to say about this topic – this was posted on May 28:

“Why are large internet security companies such as McAfee blocking stories on Beforeitsnews and labeling them as ‘malware’? Beforeitsnews has been made aware several times by a number of different people that our most ‘sensitive’ articles are being blocked on an increasing basis, by internet security firms as well as some of the biggest social networks in the world, namely Facebook. What is it about stories on Beforeitsnews do they NOT WANT getting out to the world? Facebook also was censoring posts critical of Monsanto and GMO’d crops featuring children in pictures! A very popular YouTube channel, DutchSinse, was also recently censored by Facebook.

A Beforeitsnews reader recently wrote us:

Hello, I wrote earlier that my McAfee was blocking your articles when I went on the links. I have more info regarding this on my end-someone going to your links. I tested the topic and my McAfee only pops up and blocks hot topics – anything related to the government, current issues and the present administration ie UN21 article in this email and all of the topics related to death of seal team in Va exercise. There is evidently a marker of some type that is tagging your most sensitive articles so those pulling up the articles on our end are being blocked by our security.”

And that’s not all. Even on my own forum, people are noticing that a lot of what they post cannot be seen. Farganne did a big writeup about the holonet, where he could see what he was sending to facebook pages from his own IP, but when he changed IP’s the facebook content he put up was censored and did not show at all. Other popular forums are now totally devoid of decent content and instead talk mostly about cats, squirrels and other stupid stuff, and when you do see any posts about events they are poorly written and narrow in scope.

Something is severely amiss, and I think I know what it is. In addition to the McCaffe malware called a virus scanner that operates as a censorship weapon, it is claimed that the computer in the NSA data center is a new type of quantum computer that can process and think about all communications in the entire world, and apply the intellect of a very intelligent person to every comment on every blog, forum, and alternative news outlet. I believe that if it can kill a comment after applying very intelligent thought to it – if the comment does not “qualify” because it covers a scam or black op, it is never allowed to be visible to anyone other than the writer, and that is IF it is even allowed to go up. Like I said earlier, I cannot get anything to post to beforeitsnews and I am not censored there, the management has contacted me and said they like what I put up. But now, no matter what I try it gets censored as if it was never done at all.

And it is not just me, it’s the entire world. All good posts are getting censored.

I believe the data center in Utah is responsible. And if such a computer really is now in place to do the job hired goons cannot – crush the entire world’s intellectual opposition to tyranny – then there is only one option for the future of mankind, and that is destruction of all the internet cabling in Utah that connects that damn data center to the world, and a revolt resulting in the capture and imprisonment of all the people who work there. If this or something as effective is not accomplished – if that data center is not shut down, it will be the end of us because with true free speech once again crushed it will only be a matter of time before we all slip away into darkness and ignorance under the heel of a totally zionist controlled information grid.

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