Windbag Alex Jones Parroting Hastings Engine Lie

James Farganne — Rebel July 22, 2013

On June 18, 2013, a Mercedes C250 crashed and burned on a median of North Highland Boulevard in LA. There was a palm tree in its path. The fire was suspicious because Mercedes automobiles do not just burst into flames, much less infernos, upon frontal impact with a tree. They are not Pintos. They are engineered for maximum safety.

Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone promptly announced that the deceased driver was journalist Michael Hastings. The coroner, oddly enough, needed more time.

The damage to the vehicle was far more extensive than would be possible from a classic, straight-on collision with a tree. Furthermore, the engine and transmission were found thrown around 130 feet in front of the wreck. That is conceivable if the engine retained its forward momentum while the rest of the car suddenly stopped, and it’s the same physics that throws people through windshields when they don’t wear their seatbelts.

In this case, I think the engine had a little help in its flight down the street, in front of the wreck. More on that below.

It is not physically possible for a car to throw its engine backward, behind itself, when it crashes into something head-on.

Yet that is exactly what Kimberly Dvorak has been claiming on TV, and Alex Jones parrots this nonsense in the following video, at the 40-second mark:

Is Alex really stupid enough to think that the engine could be thrown backward? Are all his staff that dumb?

At around the 2:50 mark, he starts melodramatically hinting that he might get whacked for his intrepid disinfo propagation.

The only thing that’s going to kill Alex Jones is that 9th slice of bacon on his Mossad-comped breakfast platter.

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