“Opie” Almost Was Jewish

By Hollywood Veteran — (henrymakow.com) July 21, 2013

I’ve been casting commercials in Los Angeles for years. It was probably in 1977 that I met Ron Howard’s father Rance.
Decades ago he told me a little story of a water-shed moment in Hollywood history. Ron Howard had been cast to play little Opie Taylor. Rance was at the “table read” with his son as they ran the lines.
It was a Danny Thomas Production and the writers were a bunch of imported New Yorkers (like Everett Greenbaum whom I knew and loved).
Little Opie was written as a wise-cracking little Weisenheimer….. (a tried-and-true dynamic in Hollywood)
At lunch break Rance cautiously approached the producer.
“I may be way out of line here”, he started… “….

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